Cuddle, Play, Eat, Sleep

Approximately in that order –

I’ve lost count of how many little nose-licks I’ve gotten from Cole, and a few times I’ve had to clean kitten nose-prints off my glasses because of particularly enthusiastic cheek-rubs. As soon as we go in to see him, which we do as much as possible, he greets us and comes to say hi immediately. He loves being picked up and cuddled, he snuggles right up under my neck at times, purring madly the whole time. I flopped onto my back once while holding him, and he draped himself across my neck for maybe half a minute like a little purring fur stole. His fur is so soft!

He has a kitten’s energy, and mad hunting skills! We’re giving him two intensive play sessions every day, once early in the morning shortly after the household wakes up, and once shortly before bedtime, each over half an hour long, plus more casual playtime in between during the day. Which isn’t to say he’s unduly demanding, because he’s very good at amusing himself when he’s alone. I suspect it would take a lot less playtime to manage his energy levels if he had more than a single room to live in. He still loves that toy mouse from the videos; he’s also recently been introduced to laser pointers (get that red dot!!!) and really likes one of my long string toys, which he stalks and kills repeatedly and fiercely with immense enthusiasm.

Right now, because he’s recovering from a urinary tract infection, we’re giving him lots of wet food – he’s going through two 85g (3oz, I think?) cans of food every day, and has Kitten Chow available for snacks between. Once he’s done the antibiotics, we’ll start reducing the wet food, I think, but for right now, the more fluids going through his system, the better! And, like everything else he does, he does it with intensity and total absorption.

As for sleeping… we have a reading lamp set up in that room (and in one other) to create a kind of artificial sunbeam spot for chilly days (the other cats are sulking slightly about being reduced to one). He quite likes the little nest under it, but he’ll crash wherever he happens to be standing when he runs out of energy. And he loves to have someone to sleep against, including all night – given the choice, he’ll nestle himself right up tight to sleep.

He’s 5 months old, but he doesn’t act like it. I’m not seeing anything resembling tom behaviour or even really adult behaviour at all. He’s very much a kitten, and a deeply loving and trusting one at that. The climber in that room was new to him and made him nervous briefly, but he adapted to it with amazing speed and now uses it in his games; the window made him a bit uncertain at first, now he sits in it and looks at the world below with interest, although he’s not currently keen on having it open even a crack! He doesn’t need attention 24/7, he’s fine by himself for a while, but he’s delighted to have company again and makes that very clear; like most cats, having a schedule when he expects to be alone and expects to have someone there seems to make him happiest, but he’s so adaptable I have no doubt he’ll adjust himself to any schedule or lack of it as long as he gets enough love.

I hope we can find him the wonderful forever home he deserves (okay, they all deserve it, but this one’s going to be very easy for someone to fall in love with).

Because I didn’t do a post for a couple of days, I have a bit of a backlog of pictures (no video at the moment). I’m going to do those in two separate posts, to try to keep the flood down a bit!


  1. He sounds like the happiest kitty alive! :D

  2. Given the tough time he had to start off (going from a home to a feral colony somehow, then this being his third foster home), it amazes me how perpetually cheerful he is.

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