Trick, Gardening

As usual, way behind on updates… Angel’s diabetes, Cory’s allergies kicking back up, the kids alternately sulking about the recurrent wet cold weather and enjoying the sun, the really sweet male black Great Dane/boxer puppy who lives near me and reminds me of the black Dane female I grew up with, life in general. There’s a bunch of pics and a couple of videos still to get posted, too.

However, here’s what happened when I tried growing some grass for the purrkids to chew on. :-)

Plz note: earlier version of video on YouTube corrupted somehow, no longer playing 3:46 but only one second, altho it had been working fine until then and had 40+ views. This is a copy generated on YouTube with the lighting adjusted slightly.


  1. Too ufny!!

  2. “Die, evil plant!!!”
    I love how polite Trick was while Angel and Freya were there, just waiting for a chance to get it alone. Thanks for sharing!

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