2013 Kingston Cheezmeet!

Soooo… honeycakerabbit was in Toronto Canada for a conference, and had a couple of days afterwards for fun! She caught the bus to Kingston and we planned a day (summer solstice!) in Lemoine Point Conservation Area, which is a gorgeous place on Lake Ontario. 4point5kittehs came down from Ottawa area too. We packed up lunch in backpacks and away we went!

As near as I can guess from the map, we walked 5 or 6 km total, and we saw some friendly human-type peeps, some with dogs, and we saw wildlifes!

This is 3 of us, with Seanya taking the picture:

honeycakerabbit, prysma, 4point5kittehs

honeycakerabbit, prysma, 4point5kittehs

A very nice passerby took a couple of pics of all of us!

4point5kittehs, honeycakerabbit, seanya, prysma

We had a picnic lunch, with local strawberries 4.5K picked up on the way, German chocolate provided by HCR, and some basic sandwiches and fresh fruits and veggies. We met our first squirrel here, who after two green seedless grapes and a small piece of bread crust climbed up a branch above us to stretch out and take a nap. We met a chickadee, too.

Then we packed up the leftovers and wandered onwards, and eventually we found the water!

prysma, 4point5kittehs, honeycakerabbit

4point5kittehs in the water

honeycakerabbit in the water

prysma meandering by the water


prysma and 4point5kittehs

We saw a very striking butterfly – nicewitch says it’s a Giant swallowtail, probably a male, and not very common in Canada. It was gliding just over the surface of the water, and landed on the wet part of the shore where it was getting hit by a bit of spray at moments – it just sorta fluttered its wings to get the spray off and kept sitting there, in no apparent distress, and finally wandered off. It seemed quite willing to let us get shots of it. It’s on the beach in front of HCR; the insert pics show what it looked like.

HCR and butterfly

prysma, 4.5K, and HCR – click pic for full panorama view of scene

While we were on a woodland section of trail, we met another black squirrel, and tried tossing him a grape. He was quite happy to eat it near us….

… until someone else came along the trail, then he found a new spot to eat his grape.

We saw a Pileated woodpecker, briefly, which was pretty neat. :-)

Then we met a chipmunk.

prysma and chipmunk

Which we gave a grape to. Then, magically, one chipmunk became a whole lot of chipmunks, who were running up to get grapes, including taking them from our hands in some cases, and running off with them, and coming back to ask for more. They kept trying to chase each other off. Sadly, because they move SOOO fast, most of our shots came out rather blurred, so we don’t have pics of them running up and down the trail and diving off it into hideyholes. Even on a rapid-burst camera setting, they disappeared out of frame between one shot and the next, frequently! I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had with these lil guys! We did get a few pics:

We made another friend, too, which I managed to identify after I got home as a White-breasted nuthatch. He kept following us, obviously wanting something, but leftover grapes and even a strawberry just didn’t do it. Again, moved a lot, and was in all kinds of interesting positions, head up or down or sideways, which was amazing to watch but hard to get a good picture of.

What are HCR and 4.5K watching?

click the pic for the full panorama shot

They’re watching prysma wandering off the path! (The story of my life LOL) In this case, to investigate a stream running under that bridge in the background.

Tired happy peeps heading back towards the parking lot!

prysma, HCR, 4.5K

All in all, amazingly awesome but tiring day! Love you guys wifamuchness!!!!!!


  1. Oh, Man!! U guize had a great time!!!! *duz a dans uv joy*

  2. Looks like you guys had a wunnerful time.

  3. Awww….you guys looked like you had such a good time!!!

    *Waibs Kermie arms* Ohai!!!

  4. JanetCanHas4Kittehs

    What a nice lot of photos.

    I especially appreciate them because you all – I never knew what all of you really looked like before. It’s so wonderful to be able to put a face on the person. When you think you know them so well.

    I do so wish I could have been there, too. But it sure does look like you had a really good time!

  5. honeycakerabbit

    Fanks a lot for puttin up teh picshers, prysma! I had a grate thyme meeting teh lovely purrkids, too, butt I was to busy petting them so there are no picshers ;)

  6. Dis looks like a GREAT cheezmeet, all the smiling faces with out even having to say “cheese”, a relaxed picnic, a nice walk, some chippy monks (expert grape movers) that grape represents several days sustenance to it.
    A little footrinse in the lake to cool off with, you know how to do a cheezmeet right, very laid back & relaxed, that’s the whole purpose, enjoy the day & relax while having fun, no schedules to meet!!

  7. What a great outing, thanks for sharing!

  8. I love these wee fellows! They are coming back to my yard now that my kittehs are 100% indoor and safe. Thx so much fur the posting! =^!^=

  9. Nice photos of a fun time! Thanks for posting them.

  10. What fun! and a beautifully scenic place. Cheezmeets are the best!

  11. OMCC. What a lot of great pics. All the Cheezpeeps and furred/featheredwinged creatures. And the conservation area is wonderful. Thanks for the pics. As Annipuss says: Cheezmeets are the best!

  12. *hauls a whole buncha comments out of the spam bucket*
    *hoses them off thoroughly*
    *releases them to find their proper spots*
    There we go. Sorry, everyone who got caught!

  13. Oooh looks like everyone had a good time. Wish I could have been there too! It would be so much fun to meet everyone in person. Shall we buy a jet or just a huge hot air balloon?

  14. How wonderful!

  15. Wutta lublee grupe ob cheezpeeps! An wutta wunnermuss way tu spending yoar thyme tugezzer! Fanks foar awl teh pix, iz funz foar teh rest ob us tu seez ower cheezfrenz!

  16. Ohai!

    Yu luk sew grate! Fanks foar teh pix!

  17. I hassa nenvious!!!

    What a great day!
    and it seems that a lot of cheezmeets end up in feeding skwirrlies :-D

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