Angel’s progress plus a photo-bomber

More detail than anyone really wants to know, but some cute pics. :-)

Poor Angel’s reaction to the meloxicam has been, to say the least, bad. It’s been almost 48 hours since her third and last dose. I’ll spare you the grim details, but, well… large and extremely fluffy cat with very bad diarrhea means a lot of laundry, a couple of emergency fur-clippings in areas she was unthrilled about, and dropping everything to come running when she uses the litter-box in order to clean it, her, and change her bedding.

Cory was not very happy about being unable to reach his kittymom. Actually, he and Trick both came in to visit and check out the living conditions. Cory was apparently considering moving in with mom, as you can see from the pics. Freya insisted on photo-bombing most of the shots Jackie tried to take. Scroll to the bottom for pics.

She wasn’t very happy last night about being alone, even after as much cuddling as she wanted (not much).  Snagged from my Facebook: *yawn* Coming up on 1 am. Angel’s unthrilled. I tried cuddling her on the couch before bedtime, but she was grumpy and I had to put her back and she went in her den. Was just dozing off and heard her calling, spent maybe 15 minutes on the couch with her, maybe 5 of that with Jackie too, then grumpy again. Different positions, but maybe something hurts? She’s looking kind of forlorn now. We covered most of the sides with dark sheets to give her some quiet overnight – covering all of it made her upset, but partial might help. I hope. We have to sleep and while I WILL sleep on the floor next to her if I must, I’d rather not. Let’s hope with quiet music on and everything settling down, she’ll just sleep now…

Snagged from FB, a bit later: 5am, sitting in Angel’s corner with her. Got woken up by repeated vomiting sounds, could only find one small hairball by Trick – then noticed the very distinctive aroma of Angel’s Metacam-induced diarrhea. Well, PART of her mess was vomit… ugh. Poor baby grrl. Couldn’t just leave her in that!!! Had to swap out her blanket and remove one mat from beside the litter box and I’m glad we bought a few extra foam tiles, several are in a bucket soaking. (At least they’re easy to remove and replace!) Once we got the mess cleaned up, she had a drink and a bit to eat and settled back down in her den. I’m going to sit with her for a bit, then head back to bed. At least given how attuned I am to my purrkids I woke up and she wasn’t stuck with this for long.

Trick, Cory, and Freya, in that order, all stopped by to investigate. Freya decided that the sheets draped over the sides were there to make a cave for her, and I was worried briefly that she was going to bring the whole thing down, but then she decided chasing my fingers under the edge and plotting an ambush of Cory would be acceptable. It took Angel maybe half an hour to settle down and go to sleep.

She’s drinking tuna water but not eating very much. We were scared because she’s picking up even her fave treats and then dropping them, but the vet looked at her teeth while we were there and assures me there’s no sign of gum disease or anything nasty like that to complicate matters. She believes Angels’s doing it just because, well, she feels like crap. Given how little she’s eating, I’m skipping her insulin entirely for tonight. Her blood glucose is pretty low anyway (we’re gradually reducing her insulin) and with no food, I’m worried she’ll crash, which would probably kill her right now. Tuna water isn’t ideal, since too much fish tends to upset her tummy a bit anyway, but compared to dehydration and all from the diarrhea, it’s the lesser of two evils. With any luck, she’ll start getting back to a normal diet tomorrow. If she doesn’t start eating over the weekend, I’m supposed to bring her in on Monday (vet’s closed Sunday, open limited hours Saturday).

We folded our futon-style couch down into a bed right next to her room, and she and I had a quiet snuggle for a while this afternoon – she didn’t want active petting, but she did doze off leaning against my arm and hand. She’s not pleased about being unable to stroll out at will, but on the other paw, when she IS out, she heads back there as soon as she’s had enough so I think she’s accepted it as her own territory, which is a huge relief.

The vet is going to check in with the office manager about the status of the possible funding help to get her surgery done. Until then, and until she gets over this reaction, there’s not a whole lot to do except try to keep her still and comfy and give her all the love she can tolerate.

More news as it develops… probably in far too much detail. :-)

BTW, Cheezland is in re-runs for the weekend while I concentrate on this. I just can’t focus on sorting out a lineup of posts when I’m tired, not eating well, and seriously distracted. I’m intensely grateful for a community that understands this kind of thing (many, if not most, have been through equivalents or can imagine it all too clearly, I think).

(Note Cory’s self-inflicted bare patch, due to an environmental allergy we haven’t been able to trace.)

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