Angel, Saturday

No pictures today.

Sorry, this is pretty much just grabbed directly from my status messages and comments on Facebook:

Morning update: I got up once in the night to visit the bathroom and checked on Angel quietly – not visible and no mess, so I let her be. Jackie was up around 6 and went to the kitchen, and Angel started purring on sight so she stopped to spend a little time in Angel’s room with her. Still doesn’t want to be touched much, but she obviously wanted the company. No mess.
When I got up at the regular time (just past 8), she’d managed to make a minor mess but not a horrendous one. We put her on the folded-out couch with Jackie and she had more tuna water and a little wet food while I gave her room a thorough cleaning. She started getting restless around the time I finished, so we settled her back in (after Cory inspected my work) and she’s lying on her blanket, NOT hiding in her den, relaxing and watching the world.
For such an independent cat who has firm boundaries about what she’ll tolerate, she really hates being by herself. By choice, she catnaps in the same room as one of us normally – only interacting sporadically on her terms, but nearby. I think that’s her only beef with her room, really. She’s very strong, she could destroy that mesh wall if she chose, and I suspect she knows that, but she’s going along with it – probably because through the day she can hear Jackie on the computer only a few feet from her, and we’re both making sure to talk to her a lot and cuddle her when she can tolerate it.
Time to see if I can tolerate any breakfast myself, then head to the store for meaty baby foods and some wet food we don’t normally buy ’cause it costs a lot and she just laps up the juices, but right now, I’m good with that!

A bit later: After a muchness of running around and visiting two pet stores and a grocery store, got a few things to try, plus baby food. Tried her with one food, that expensive one with the “gravy” (rather thin, more like juice) that she likes – she went right for it and lapped up some, though not all, of it. At least she’s still interested in food! Got her a few other things I hope will tempt her as well, altho couldn’t find everything I wanted to get. A bit more fishy-oriented than I like, since too much fish tends to make her tummy a bit unhappy, but if it gets her eating (without making the whole episode hugely worse)…
Her poor back end just got a further clipping. Her skin’s getting irritated, so I put some polysporin on it – she can’t reach the spot properly to lick it off, and maybe it will soothe a bit. She’s being cranky about it but not all-out attacking or fighting the way I know she can, so maybe even though she doesn’t like it, she knows it helps?

Then things get scarier:

Probably far TMI, sorry, but my Angel-worry’s been jacked up a bit higher.
*sigh* Super-watery diarrhea is bad. Super-watery diarrhea with (fresh) blood colouring it, that just sorta leaks instead of coming more-or-less in the box, that’s worse. Maybe. At the very least, the area under her tail is a painful mess. Since it’s distinctly red blood, not darker, I don’t think it’s from way up her GI tract, at least. She’s managed to foul a bowl of food she clearly wanted to eat more of and just missed the interior of her fountain (caught the outer shell tho).
Vet closes in about an hour until Monday morning. Already called and asked my vet to call me please before she goes. After-hours clinic is 1) much farther away, 2) much more expensive and 3) knows nothing of her history. Aargh. Just… aargh.


Okay, my vet just called back – half an hour past office hours. She was dealing with an emergency. I’m trying to remember that there are peeps whose furkids are going through worse than Angel is, but it’s hard at moments.
Anyway, she’s concerned by how long this is lasting and how severe it is (honest to CC, never seen diarrhea this bad!). Also is worried about her blood glucose going crazy high, so we need to watch for that and try to get a reading as soon as she’s going to let us without removing a hand. She says to give her Immodium, 1/4 of a 2mg tablet, to see if that helps stabilize things a bit. Generally giving human meds to cats makes me cautious, and that she didn’t suggest it yesterday makes me certain that it’s not something to use casually, but it’s worth a shot. I’m not sure how much longer her body can tolerate this, and if nothing else, she’s absolutely miserable. She’s trying so hard to keep everything in the litter box and it’s just not working, and her bum’s sore as heck.
Jackie’s already at the store to get the Immodium – I’ve been out twice already today, plus I promised to do the laundry, but I think I’m going to be doing a run to a different place to get more cheap tuna (we cannot possibly eat all the tuna we’re using the water from, which makes part of me cringe but I bet the crows are gonna like it).

Then: Okay, she’s had her pill. Man, she’s one powerful cat, even when she’s not feeling well. I’ve pilled cats a time or fifty and I know how to do proper restraint, and it still took both of us and some semi-burrito’ing with extreme care not to hurt her hind leg and a painful bite on my hand (no blood) to get a single pill in a pill-pocket treat down her throat. Whew! Now we all cross fingers that it actually helps. We got more tuna water into her afterwards to chase it.

(A friend tells me Immodium’s active ingredient loperamide is contra-indicated if the diarrhea is probably caused by an infectious agent. In this case, clearly not.)

So, it’s coming up on bedtime. What’s the current status?

So far so good. Maybe half an hour after the Immodium, she had another watery bowel movement and vomited a bit of acid – but not the pill. For over three hours since then, she’s been resting quietly without any major mess, just a small amount of leakage from her poor sore bum. She’s had more tuna water, having refused an array of wet food that would have seemed like a feast to a healthy cat (Trick and Freya, the clean-up crew, can’t keep up but are trying valiantly!). She relaxed on the couch for a while, had a stroll around the apartment (and I think she was limping less), and went back to her own room. Currently sleeping in her den, the big carrier that’s in her room with her. I’m scared to hope that just maybe, this is finally going to break, after more than 72 hours. Of course, that’ll mean being back to the question of what to do long-term…

A further hour later, as I’m turning off my light to sleep, she’s still in her den after a bit more tuna water. Guess we’ll see what night and morning bring!



  1. Hi Prysma,
    I know you have more kitteh experience than I. I’m an RN, and co-incidentally, just went through 3 weeks of diarrhea, myself, including the bloody kind.
    I’m, first of all, concerned about Angel’s state of fluid balance; with all these liquid stools, she HAS to be SEVERELY dehydrated. All the tuna juice in the world isn’t enough to replace what her body needs to recover. Her electrolytes (sodium, potassium, etc.) are VITAL for life functions, e.g. heart, kidney, brain, etc. Angel needs IV fluids with electrolytes IMMEDIATELY, if she is to recover. She can’t get them by mouth with gushyfoods, tuna-juice, water, and especially not with her diarrhea…that’s how she’s losing fluids & life-sustaining electrolytes in the first place.
    In the ER the Dr, besides IV fluids, gave me a strong antacid called Reglan,IV. It’s like Tagamet, but better; but won’t hurt the belly like Nexium. (keeps stomach acid down…lowers irritation to digestive tract) They also gave me an IV steroid like Solu-Cortef for the infectious process that was keeping the diarrhea cause from healing & returning my digestive tract to normal.
    As far as the “BOTTOM RASH FROM HELL”, I am well acquainted with that one…as on top of it all, I suffer from hemorrhoids. The toilet paper, wipes, (and probably wash cloths for Angel?), felt like 00-grit sand paper. ( looks like gravel on paper) A suggestion made to me was to use baby wipes for toilet paper, & afterwards, use baby diaper rash cream deep, where it hurts, like A & D Cream or Desitin. It was also suggestedafter a BM, that I soak my bum in a sitz bath. Basically, in kitteh speak, soaking Angel’s sore bum in a bowl of 100-105 degree water for as long as she’ll let you. Human-wise was 15-20 min. (yeah, good luck with that)
    After that would be the time to put the bum cream on.
    BTW, the loperamide (liquid was easier for me…tastes gastly, though) didn’t really slow down my diarrhea for a couple of weeks. Oh, yeah…believe me, her belly hurts like crazy.
    I am so sorry this is so impossibly long. I just lost my 16 year old baby, Twinki, last Oct., and I’d feel more than horrible if I’d found out you’d lost your Angel, while I’d not at least shared a bit of experience. Again, sorry it’s so long. I love fur-babies.


  2. Prysma,
    I wrote some info to you concerning your Angel kitteh. The system thought I was a spammer, because I have a tendency to be long-winded. If you’re interested, you can use your wappity-spoon to retrieve it.


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