Angel, Sunday ups and downs

Sorry, going to start off with a couple more bits snagged off my Facebook from morning:

Good news, for a change!
Nothing through the night, although we were each up at least once and quietly checked on her. A small mess shortly before the alarm but nothing NEAR the horrible smell of the earlier ones (although strongly blood-tinged, I’m sorta running on the assumption that the sheer severity of this caused some tearing near the opening that will heal once things are normal). She was awake and alert to greet us, and once I got her cleaned up, Jackie tells me she was VERY interested in what I was doing in the kitchen and was actually tracking Trick nearby which she hasn’t bothered with the last couple of days. A bit more tuna water, a bit of junk-food Friskies shredded turkey-and-cheese (or at least a bit of the gravy). She’s currently strolling around the apartment, being closely supervised, and stopping to lie down for a minute every 10 or 15 feet – sniffing everything, had a drink from the other fountain. When I cleaned up her room, I did NOT have to swap out the blanket and the top level of bedding from her den, just a couple of tiles and the puppy pad next to the litter box.
I don’t want to hit her system with too much Immodium, and it seems to have helped a lot. If she’s still showing any signs at all after 24 hours, I’ll give her another quarter of a tablet.
Meanwhile… I’m almost scared to breathe, in case, but maybe the worst of the reaction is finally over?


Stupid interwebs went down for a bit. Less than an hour after I said, that, she did have an episode – srsly runny, but then, there’s nothing solid IN her to come out. Didn’t have that horrible indescribable smell that it had earlier, at least, and didn’t have to swap blankets or anything, so that’s still an improvement. We debated a bit and then decided to not wait and to give her another quarter tablet now. Like last night, after maybe half an hour she threw up some acid, but no sign of the pill. So, two steps forward, one step back, but still an improvement.


She’s still unwilling to eat. She’s thrown up once more, a bit of acid, nothing else. I’ve used a 10cc oral syringe to, um, encourage her to get some roughly 50-50 water-gushifuds into her twice now (she’s actually SWALLOWING maybe 7cc at a time), which she is NOT liking but there’s just nothing in her stomach except acid and aside from needing to start eating before her liver fails or something, there’s nothing to counter the acid either. I’m a tad uncomfortable with combining Pepcid with Immodium.

Since then?

I got another maybe 7ccs of 50-50 water and Fancy Feast beef pate into her in early afternoon. A couple hours later, more vomit, just acid. Nothing in the litter box all afternoon, and I do mean nothing. Not interested n the tuna water any more, other than a couple of half-hearted licks. A little more leaking diarrhea a couple of times. Over 3 hours ago, we went in search of kaopectate (no salicylates) and gave her 2ccs (followed by roughly an equal amount of tuna water to chase it down, because she wasn’t thrilled about swallowing.

Since then, more leaking, and more vomit. I syringe-fed her a bit more 50-50 wet food, this time liver and chicken FF pate, in hopes of getting just a little something in there to balance the acid.  Right now, she’s lying between her litter box and her den, facing the wall. She’s purring to herself – we’ve made jokes for years that the switch for her purr is stuck in the “on” position – but something about it doesn’t sound right. I’m sitting with her, where her blanket is in the pics – had to pull it out to wash, and haven’t replaced it. I’m not entirely certain she cares. I’ve been doing things to her she doesn’t like ever since Tuesday, and things just seem to keep getting worse. I want to hold her, but she doesn’t want to be held. Maybe I can get her comfy on the couch instead of the foam tiles and lie down next to her.

I’m finding myself right on the edge of tears and it isn’t fatigue or frustration. Something is very very wrong. I can’t tell whether  it’s instinct or anxiety screaming at me that we’re losing her. I’m sitting in her room with her right now, so she has some company. Even if we could afford the local after-hours clinic – and we might be able to cover the office visit and a little more but not much – they know nothing about her history or her, and the rather long cab ride there would be a nightmare. Twelve hours less fifteen minutes until my regular vet opens and I can request an emergency appointment, and they’ll get her in ASAP. I love her, it’s breaking my heart that she’s suffering, and I don’t know what to do to make it any better instead of even worse. Poor Jackie’s never really lived with furkids before, this is relatively unfamiliar ground. She’s worrying about me too. Dunno how to tell her about how I get with purrkids in crisis: everything else no longer matters, everything else just shuts down. I made her go play with Freya, who always has too much energy, and the other three kids all know something is going on.

I’m expecting this to be a very long night, and I’m glad I had a nap this afternoon.

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