Cory the marsupial, part two

These pics are of Cory in the “cradle” position from the YouTube video I linked to in the previous post.

He isn’t staying in it all that long; I think he’s still getting used to the idea. However, he doesn’t resist while being tucked inside, and he’s certainly smart enough to have figured out what I’m doing. Once he’s settled securely, he starts to doze off, even if he’s visibly trying not to. He can be startled awake by noise or motion close to him, but then the eyes start to drift closed again. :-)

I think it’s helping. He still obviously misses his momcat, but lots of cuddling and proximity and the other purrkids are all, I think, helping him get through this.

So. Pics. Sorry if they’re a little dark in places, our living room isn’t ideal in the evening; the slight blur is ’cause I keep finding myself rocking from foot to foot, since Cory seems to like me in motion to some degree.

And, of course, Freya just had to help Jackie out with taking pics…

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  1. You do look preggers with the cat inna bag fingie. Darned good thing you don’t have to deliver a 20lb cat. That would hurt! And I loove the up close photo-bomb. Missy Freya is a purrty grrryl!

    Schmoos to you and Jackie!

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