Pics and Video of Kama

If I tell you I’ve started calling our pretty silver-grey guest Kama, for the Hindu god of love, would that give you some idea of his personality?

Or how about this pic, in particular?

Yes, his. We were wrong about his sex. He’s a boy-cat, but young and depressingly undernourished – his ribs and hips are much too prominent under that lovely fur. Interestingly, his eyes and nose are clear, no discharge, and I don’t see any ear mites, and if he has fleas they’re extremely minimal since I can’t find any flea dirt against his very pale skin. Maybe being in an environment too inhospitable for other cats had advantages? His belly’s rather round, and he had some diarrhea earlier, but then, his body’s not used to getting regular food anymore. Possibly a little dehydrated, but his pads are firm so it can’t be too extreme. His fur’s still a mess from his night in the trap, but I imagine he’ll work on cleaning that up.

I’m getting a bit ahead of the story, though.

Having given him a while to settle in, I went in to see how he was doing. This is what I saw when I flipped back the blanket half-covering the front:

Comfy hammock :-)

He’d made a bit of a mess, what with the diarrhea and kitten-sized litter box, so I called Jackie in to fetch and carry for me while I swapped in clean, fresh-from-the-dryer bedding. He laid quietly in the hammock watching me. When I finished I offered to pet him. He, um, responded enthusiastically:

Pet me!

Pet me more!

He came down from the hammock so he could be closer, and he ignored the treats.

Jackie joined us, with the camera. Kama clearly loved the petting, but a paw kept venturing towards my leg, then drawing back. After a couple repetitions of that, I very carefully scooped him up and set him on my lap. He immediately settled himself in, and the very shaky soft rusty purr we’d been hearing a bit of became gradually more pronounced. He wanted both of us touching him, and reached out repeatedly towards Jackie even while nuzzling into my hands. So Jackie switched to video. I know most people don’t have a ten minute attention span these days, but watch as much as you like – the cuteness just keeps coming.

And we got more pics. He’s slightly shaky when walking, but I strongly suspect that’s just exhaustion. A growing boy, the equivalent of being in his early teens, out on his own in dropping temperatures and without nearly enough food… he must be drained to the limit. A full belly, a warm lap, gentle hands, and he looks like he has everything he ever wanted.

Comfy warm lap!

But don’t stop petting!

Oh, he’s interested in playing, too, but seems too tired for more than halfhearted attempts. Give him a few days. :-)

Toy mousie

Kill teh mousie!

He went back in the cage and had some kibble and a long drink of fresh clean water, which I bet has been in short supply. Then he came right back out, and immediately back onto my lap, and flopped down for more loving.


and comfy

and content

Back in the cage now:

Time to go back and rest

But I want to stay here and sleep on you!

Oh, this is what his current home looks like, all cleaned up. (That towel’s not dirty, just old and stained.)

It’s a cage, but it’s a comfy one!

Somehow, he’s come out of what must have been a terrible few weeks, relatively unscathed except for being terribly skinny, as near as I can tell. And I have no idea how anyone could keep from being charmed by him. If we didn’t already have as many as we can handle, I’d fall utterly in love with him in a heartbeat.

Who’m I kidding? I already have. :-) But he’ll be happier with someone who isn’t already owned by a Cory-Bear, someone he can claim as his very own forever-human!


  1. Kendra Pople-Easton (SNKI)

    He is beautiful, Steph. He will certainly make some human happy. What a little love he is. Thank you for being there for him.

  2. Wow! He’s going to be a beautiful big boy and all thanks to you!!!! great job!!! Loved the video.

  3. I think that’s my cat! :) he’s been missing for a couple weeks! How can I get ahold of you?!?

  4. OMG, as my daughter Megan said I think that is our cat. his name is DC, and he has been missing now for a little over 3 weeks. We have looked everywhere for him, and were worried he met with a coyote or a fisher, I would live to come with her and see if it is him, I can bring pictures to show what he looks like. Please let me know if you still have him, and tell him I miss my handsome boy, he LOVES to cuddle.

  5. Wow! He is adorable! :)

  6. Beautiful and lucky boy cat! I am so happy that you have such a good team and that his outcome will be a happy one!

  7. Thank you for letting me know, our DC had a very young looking face, and was very active so you would never know he was 6, could you tell me if he has a little bare patch on his left front paw? And I understand your being cautious, but if at all possible could we just stop and look at him for closure.

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