Kama… Playing?!?!

Okay, as if we needed any further proof of how resilient cats are (not that they should ever HAVE to be, of course)…

There’s not much I can add that the video doesn’t say for itself. Stamina still low, of course, and he certainly hasn’t gotten back to a healthy weight overnight, and yet, he’s looking just a bit less gaunt, somehow.

Just watch the video. I was on the edge of crying while I was taping it. It takes so little to make all the difference in the world for a living spirit in need…

In other news… Kama’s foster home is all confirmed and it’s in the last stages of planning his trip there tomorrow, with any luck to a vet for a checkup on the way. He’ll have an apartment to himself, not a cage, and his own temporary human around her classes and part-time job (maybe her boyfriend too – how could he resist this kind of charm?) while he’s waiting for his forever home. So YAY, Kama’s future is looking very bright right now!!!


  1. Awwwwwww!!!! What a cutie! and that sigh….oh my! A sigh of relief, he’s in good hands now.

  2. What an absolute little doll he is. such a happy little boy. Purrrrrrr

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