Morning After with Kama

Kama was seriously glad to see us this morning. He seems a tad unconvinced when I point out that cage with hammock etc in a warm room is better than the garden centre tent – because he knows there are people outside his room who will pet him but we left him overnight! He’s absolutely desperate for contact, poor baby. After cage cleaning and some very active petting, he’s now collapsed next to me, but he’s making sure that his back is up against my leg.

He’s showing spurts of excitement, especially when we first come in the room, and during them he acts rather kittenish, but he has no stamina to speak of. It only takes a very few minutes before he needs to lie down and rest, even if not actually sleep. He’s still a bit shaky, too. But he was playing last night a bit, swatting his mousie, even if he doesn’t get up and chase it – he’s certainly interested, I think he just doesn’t have the juice to spare.

He’s trying his best to keep clean, which is tricky with some diarrhea still and a small litter box in crowded quarters. He’s got most of the mess in his fur all cleaned up beautifully, but there’s a bit of fresh mess on the backs of his lower legs, and he’s not happy about it but won’t let me help. He’s working on it, intermittently, when he’s got the energy to. Once he has a full-sized litter box and more space, I don’t think there’s going to be a problem  and he’s definitely used to litter boxes and determined to use it. His fur’s awfully thin for a cat who’s been outside in October around here. And he wants the clean fresh water as much as he wants the food: he goes back to the water bowl frequently for a short drink, even more than grabbing a snack.

I don’t think I’ve personally ever dealt with a cat who came this terrifyingly close to starving.  Under all the pretty fur, the prominent bones and very rounded abdomen are making me think of TV ads of children starving in Africa. And yet, as soon as his tummy’s reasonably full, food becomes less important than attention and contact.

Will do more pics and maybe another video later, just wanted to post an update for anyone interested. We’re looking after this poor baby, I promise. He’s got high-quality kibble 24/7 and I’m going to pick up some kitten food to mix in, and he’s getting Fancy Feast a bit at a time, and despite how annoyed our own cats are, we’re doing our best to spend time with him (I’m writing this on my netbook with him sleeping next to me) so he can have that attention he wants and so he can stretch. He’s only leaving here to go to 1) his own home if he turns out to be lost, but that’s not looking likely or 2) to a safe and loving foster home. Once the foster home in question is official, SNKI will officially accept him into their foster program and cover vet bills and other expenses, make sure he’s neutered, and help him find a forever home. No more going hungry for Kama!!!

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  1. Ohhh! He sounds like a real sweet heart! ^u^

    He seems to love affection very much, and even if he’s still a bit weak right now, he’s still a very excitable and cute boy.

    You’re taking lovely care of him, and I’m glad to have been of some assistance in rescuing this sweet lad (Keep doing what you’re doing, and build his strength up again!). I have confidence that Kama will find a caring home, or if he’s lost/run away from a caring family, I hope they find your contacts and can get him back soon~

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