Morning Kama report

Well, looks like he’s off today  to a vet visit this morning, then possibly back here for a bit until his new foster mom can be home. I’m going to miss him, but my cats definitely are not – they’re making their agitation over this intruder extremely clear. Our trio have formed their own family and they want no one else in their territory, especially not an un-neutered young male!

Judging by the condition of his cage, he was playing last night: that water bowl is next to impossible to tip entirely, but it got shaken enough to slop water over the front part and a little into his crunchies, even though it wasn’t entirely full. His diarrhea is improving, still loose but better than it was. and while he still eats his wet food (Fancy Feast half a can at a time) rapidly and with enthusiasm, there’s less urgency to it now. He’s still thirsty, but the minimal pee in the litter-box at first has now turned into a much more normal volume. He’s even steadier on his feet while he’s walking around. He’s currently out of the cage to stretch and he’s exploring the room.

While playing last night we discovered a new game: I toss treats across the floor a couple of feet, and he chases them. Once he’s back to full strength, I bet that’ll turn into all-out pouncing!

His toys, especially the one you can see him with in the video, aren’t looking so new anymore. That mouse is starting to look like a well-loved teddy-bear!

So, am I going to be sad when he’s gone? Yes, of course I am. But my own cats will be much happier, and I can send him off knowing that after all the people who saw him and ignored him, someone finally didn’t, and now he’s going to have a wonderful life ahead of him instead of a horrible death. And that’s worth everything.

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