Back to Normal

The purrkids are definitely relieved to have Kama out of here so life can return to its normal patterns. Freya happily reclaimed her spot last night beside Jackie on the futon, in Jackie’s room which was off-limits while Kama was here. Trick’s aggression is fading, and most of the gushifuds from supper and breakfast disappeared like it should. And teh Cory-Bear, well… apparently I exist for the sake of, every time he yells, dropping everything and going to him to pick him up and cuddle him. A tad inconvenient when I’m working on cat toys, since it means a lot of extra hand sanitizer before I touch yarn or tools again, but how can I say no? Thunderous purring, cheek-rubs, and concussion-inducing hedbonks make the inconvenience trivial. :-)

Happy in Mom’s arms and over Mom’s shoulder.

Whatcha doing with that camera?

And Jackie got video of him being cuddly, too. This isn’t actually Cory at his MOST demonstrative and acrobatic… but it is cute. :-)

Try to ignore the mess in the background. Somehow the more we try to declutter, the worse things get…

For a few years, after a lifetime with long hair, I started cutting it to about jaw-length every spring and letting it grow the rest of the year. I wasn’t allowed to cut it this past spring, and it’s looking unlikely that I will be next spring, since Cory’s decided he likes to burrow into it, hide under it, cheek-rub and/or chew on any hair tie I have in, and generally make it very clear that he likes it long.


  1. awwwwww he luvs his mama!!! Lookit him holding on. “This is MY mom, not yours, Myne”!!!

  2. Beautiful boy BTW

  3. onions and petunias

    …. and so big! I love it that he is so big, considering that he started life so precariously.

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