Trick Vs The Tail

Wow, I got so busy with writing projects and kitty toys and computer problems and Cheezland and with my new major project for SNKI (you can see it here: ) that I haven’t had a chance to get back to finishing the repair work on THIS blog. (My Categories are no longer nested, I see, among other things. *sigh* )

However, for your amusement, here’s my insane Trick and his arch-enemy: his own tail.

Trick’s greatest foe, for the ten years or so he’s been living with us, has always been that black snakey thing. It follows him everywhere, always stalking him. Now and then, he gets annoyed at it and tries to show it who’s boss.

We’ve been trying to get video evidence of the great battle for a long time, but always, either couldn’t get to the camera in time, or he noticed us and stopped, or the camera battery was dead… always something. However, last night, luck was with me! I missed Round One, but was alerted by the rather distinctive thumps against the wall and caught part of Round Two and all of Round Three. Yes, I’m back a bit from the action, but any closer and he’d have been distracted by my presence and stopped, so… deal with it.

I think this confirms that Trick is bonkers. But man, he’s fun to have around!


  1. The same arch enemy follows Riley and he goes through the same antics as Trick. His usually start with a bath and the tail gets in the way of the back feet, so he has to “deal with it” by attacking it. Then an “all out war” begins for several minutes.

    • LOL Trick’s usually doesn’t have the cleaning at the beginning… it’s like it sneaks up on him and he suddenly realizes he’s being stalked. Between that and the kitty tendency to let tails fall into the bathtub with apparent lack of awareness of it, and the like, y’gotta wonder if there’s a second brain in there controlling that tail!

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