Warm kitties!

A couple of fairly random pics I just took…

Cory in a box, with a dryer-warm blanket over him

Freya on the dryer-warm laundry, and Trick in a box under a 60-watt light.

Freya loves that leopard thing. It’s a piece of decent-quality fleece the size of a blanket that I picked up for a couple of dollars at a local thrift store, in among the leftover fabrics. She sleeps on it at every opportunity, and when she isn’t, Cory is… although it isn’t quite such good camo for Cory!


  1. Happiness is a warm kitteh (or two or three!)

  2. Prysma, did the Cory bear squeeze himself into that box through that slot? I can see that happening! Actually, I would LOVE to see that happening! :grin:

    • LOL No, the top of the box is open – it has handles and a “window” in the front, which actually works quite nicely ’cause I can cover him up and he can still breathe. And regulate temperature by sticking various extremities out the window. :lol: He’s a pretty big boy. Would be incredibly funny to see, though!

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