If I fitz…

I don’t even know where this little white box came from. Boxes can live in this apartment for months, if the cats claim them, until we can’t remember what on earth they were originally from. But, recently, it’s been taken over as Cory’s fave sleepy spot… even though it’s, er, a bit of a tight fit. There’s a much larger box right beside/behind the white one, but it’s less interesting than it used to be (it was a previous fave spot). There are Avon boxes everywhere, which are a perfect kitty size. But somehow, it’s the little white one. I had to reinforce it with clear packing tape, because the corners were ripping badly.

These are from three different days (click for 800×600 versions of pics):




The others, probably inevitably, had to try too. At least it gave me some interesting comparison shots. Freya quite likes it, when she can get it without a bearcat in it.




Trick’s less keen on it. He likes the bigger boxes.



Added on the 15th: one more pic, from yesterday. Oh, and he’s back in it again…



  1. :lol: These pixchurs are so funny! I love the one of the Bearcat in his best meatloaf position, squishing that poor little white box! Who can fathom the mind of a cat?

    • Not me, that’s for sure! In the first one of Freya, you can see that the sides have been so abused that they bow outwards even with Her Teenyness in it and not particularly stressing it. He’s back in the little box again as I type this, actually… :roll: Half my bedroom (which also has my computer, so I spend rather a lot of time in it, so the kids do too) seems to be kitty boxes and sleepy spots, and yet… oy. *shakes head*

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