Cory didn’t get the memo

Sick? What?

He’s been having a really good day. Jackie was up ahead of me, as she often is, and opened the balcony door for the cats to go out. Instead of waiting for me and getting carried out to Jackie for his kibble routine, Cory was already outside when I got up and went to the kitchen. He was wildly energetic and enthusiastic about his breakfast, and afterwards, he was still hyper. He wanted up in my closet, on the shelf, where the old oversized cat carrier is… he climbed on top of the carrier, too. Then he wanted down, then up on top of the shelves in my room that I use for some clothes. When I grabbed the 24″ cable tie he likes, he went bonkers. We missed the first spurt of energy, but we got the second one. There was a third round after we shut the camera off.

After which, he settled down for a long nap, intermittently eating his beef stew without help. Enthusiastic about his lunch kibbles, too, and now sound asleep under the 60-watt reading lamp. He’s having a very good day. (Me, less so, with various Internet and tech issues, but that’s not important.)

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