Possessive Bear is possessive!

** Lots of pics! (6) **

All right, no one’s going to want as much mundane detail as I included yesterday, so let’s summarise key info and concentrate on significant or interesting stuff plus pics and vids. (Vids later, they take forever to upload so will do overnight.)

Like so, just the key stuff:

  • Breakfast crunchies: enthusiastic – led me to the living room (7:45)
  • Breakfast gushifuds: ate a reasonable amount on his own (after water)
  • Lunch crunchies: enthusiastic, to say the least (we got video)
  • Lunch gushifuds: woke hungry from a dream but didn’t want tuna bisque, preferred leftover breakfast chicken stew; when offered a can of Fancy Feast beef pate with a small amount of warm water to change the texture, he dug in happily without needing encouragement
  • Supper crunchies: had some trouble getting and keeping them – had to drop them pretty deeply into his mouth – but he was asleep just beforehand
  • Supper gushifuds: not interested, even with encouragement – some fingerfeeding, a syringe of watered food, still no interest, even in leftovers from earlier
  • Bedtime crunchies: doubled the amount since not enough wet
  • Water: by syringe several times, including once when he woke up and kept making odd jaw motions (stopped after water)
  • Fur-pulling: started by persistently pulling fur very early, and continued intermittently through the day in sudden bouts that involved yoinking out substantial amounts from places not previously attacked

He started off the day pretty energetic, even smacked a string a few times and wanted a brief bout of towel-wrestling while being cuddled by me.

Then he wanted to be involved when I brushed my hair. (Will upload video overnight and do in a separate post.)

Brush feels goooood

I did a quick run to a store less than ten minutes’ walk away to pick up a few basics for supper tonight. Cory sat and glowered at me while I got ready to leave, pointedly ignored Jackie and refused to allow her to pet him while I was gone, and greeted me a bit coolly when I got home, at most 45 minutes later (probably less, I forgot to check). Since Jackie’s flexibility isn’t great, I generally help her with clipping her toenails, and since she’d recently been in the shower, she asked me to. We did it in my room, with Cory watching. First he stretched out a paw to put it on Jackie’s knee… then he changed position to get closer to me. It’s a good thing it doesn’t take long and I finished fast, because after a moment he simply climbed onto my lap, half-shoving Jackie’s foot out of the way while I was checking I hadn’t missed anything, and snuggling himself firmly down into the curve of my left arm. Apparently all my attention are belong to Cory? LOL I’m only supposed to do pawdicures on him? And yet, only a minute or two after Jackie left, he abandoned me!

Soon after, I went to the living room briefly to ask Jackie’s thoughts on a story-related question. Cory followed me out and settled himself in his up-high living room box, at eye level in the window. I surrendered and brought my laptop to the living room, and even in the time it took me to fetch that, he started to get up and look around for me.

Where Mom goes…

Mom, where’d you go?

Where are you???

Hey, what’s out there?

Okay, naptime

We video’d him getting his lunch kibbles, will also upload that overnight and share it. :-)

He got annoyed while I was in the kitchen warming up leftovers formy lunch, and pointedly escorted me back to my bedroom afterwards. It’s normal for him to want to be close to me, but he’s being much more proactive and forceful about it today. I’m not sure why. I’m not seeing any indications that he’s physically feeling unwell – just look at the videos! – so let’s hope it’s just a mood.

Just to complicate matters, Freya, who considers Jackie to be her human, is starting to get jealous. So we’re going to have to make sure she gets enough attention. Trick, on the other hand, is happy with random snuggling, and is enjoying cleaning up any food Cory doesn’t finish.

He was much quieter, sleepier, and less energetic for the rest of the day. I’d be happier if he’d eaten more. I’m also a little concerned that the discoloration on his lower lip may be swelling very slightly.

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