Always a marsupial-wannabe

(7 pics) Videos didn’t get uploaded last night due to technical issues, but still will be – might be Monday night!

Morning sunbeams

  • Breakfast crunchies: enthusiastic – woke me up half an hour early to have a drink, and then escorted me to the kitchen before the alarm
  • Breakfast gushifuds: apathetic, highly resistant to eating any (salmon bisque, usually a favourite) even with encouragement – but very happy to eat treats after a dish breaking scared him – finally gave him 3/4 syringe of diluted fod, no resistance but no interest then or after
  • Lunch crunchies: energetically, while being a marsupial
  • Lunch gushifuds: slightly watered, 1/3 can of liver & chicken pate, woke up hungry from a dream and no encouragement needed – 2nd day of this
  • Supper crunchies: was hungry and highly interested but had some trouble getting ahold of them – a different (higher) angle and tossing them deeper into his mouth helped
  • Supper gushifuds: unwilling to eat, even though it was Fancy Feast – I eventually fed him via syringe, and got almost 1/3 of a can into him – interestingly, on the second round (first was only one syringe-full, gave him a break, did another) he started to treat it the way he treats a syringe of water, chewing on it and trying to control it, so I got more warm water and refilled it twice more before he’d had enough
  • Bedtime crunchies: extremely enthusiastic and active, tried to get at his while I was setting out the other two, dropped only one and it seemed like excitement – this is the only regular time they get Temptations treats instead of Whiska’s Party Mix (swapped because of Cory’s bad tooth, Whiska’s are smaller, but he seems to have that under control) and they love it
  • Water: once before alarm (7:00-ish), once at about 8:15 (video), not at bedtime as of posting but there was a lot of water in the syringe feedings – wanted badly at bedtime to help me refill Jackie’s V-PAP machine with water, but couldn’t, but had distilled watter via syringe
  • Fur-pulling: had a bad bout of this overnight; further bouts this mornin; has focused on a new area that he didn’t previously pick on, on one side behind his hips

He started off the day energetic and cheerful. Once he’d had his crunchies for breakfast, he snuggled with me (right in a sunbeam) and did some vigorous towel wrestling before he had enough.

I am noticing that he paws at the sides of his face irregularly, with a lot of force. I did a couple of saline drops (the stuff for babies) in each side, in case it’s a sinus issue. He wasn’t thrilled. Also, his left eye is weeping a bit.

He was clingy all morning, wanting to keep me in sight, although I did convince him to go outside in the sun for a little while. He wasn’t very happy that I went to the nearby Farmer’s Market, even though I wasn’t out long.

Cory and Freya, enjoying sunbeams (Trick too, off-camera to the right)

Just being silly, I offered him a bag he likes when it was time to go to the living room for lunch, and he went right in and snuggled down. I set him on Jackie’s lap still in the bag, and my little marsupial never entirely came out of it while eating his lunch kibbles – even while going up to grab them! Afterwards, I took him out on the balcony, still in his bag, and settled him out there on the bench my dad made for them. He stayed. :-) My lil wannabe marsupial babycat…

Marsupial bearcat

Hey, gimme that!



I suspect that my life for the foreseeable future is going to be a lot like it was when he was tiny, except that he’s a little less portable (and over 15x the size): as much time as possible with him, and as much interaction with him as he wants. We need to do some basic housework since a tech is coming tomorrow to swap our appallingly slow and increasingly unreliable DSL over to cable, but I ended up waiting until I was sure he was well feed and sound asleep before I left him that long – and still ducked back to check on him without waking him.

After cleaning, I found him deep asleep, dreaming, and got a video of that (probably interesting only to me). When he woke up hungry, we decided it was close enough to suppertime. He didn’t want to stay in the living room with us afterwatds. He was willing to tolerate Jackie being on the bed while I read out loud for a while.

Dreaming, with twitches, while Mom reads, with Jackie nearby

It’s looking oddly like he’s mostly better in the morning – more alert, more energetic, more coordinated, more ambitious – and gets more tired and uncertain as the day goes on. Considering how much cats sleep, that seems strange, but hey, who knows?

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