Oh no, I went out!

(only 1 pic) (Fixed the vids in the last post, and subscriptions on the blog!!!) (Sorry, I was out through his most photogenic time of day – had a psych appointment and needed to get some kitty noms.)


  • Breakfast crunchies: enthusiastic
  • Breakfast gushifuds: apathetic, eventually ate a little (beef stew) while I was out
  • Lunch crunchies: wildly enthusiastic: new crunchies flavour, at least to our kids, and Jackie could hardly keep up with him
  • Lunch gushifuds: no interest – investigated my lunch, and went to sleep in cavebox until supper
  • Supper crunchies: highly interested and enthusiastic
  • Supper gushifuds: no interest – I syringe-fed him nearly 1/3 of a can of liver&chicken Fancy Feast diluted with warm water – he seemed indignant at moments but made no effort to escape and a couple of times acted as though he was trying to latch on like a kitten to a nipple
  • Bedtime crunchies: double volume, considering lack of gushifuds all day – very enthusiastic
  • Water: waited until after breakfast to ask for the first round, then almost made me late for an appt with the second, he wanted it so late
  • Fur-pulling: chewing on forearms intermitttently, but less severe – doubled Reactine to 2x/day, hoping antihistamine will help

While I was out at an appointment, he wandered out onto the balcony for a while – I wasn’t expecting that, considering how clingy he’s been and how annoyed he is when I’m out.

I picked up sample-size packages of most of the available grain-free adult kibbles made by Pet Valu’s Performatrin – they’ve been getting chicken and brown rice as a base for a while, with some potato and salmon for variety, and the occasional sample just to add something different. Cory’s reaction to potato and turkey was, to say the least, excited. With lots of chicken and brown rice plus 5 different samples of wildly different flavours, I’m hoping to keep him intensely interested in what he’s eating, as far as dry at least. Also, with any luck, I can start gradually reducing the number of treats mixed in, so maybe he’ll itch less and pull out less fur. That can’t be comfortable.

All in all, he tolerated my absence for nearly 3 hours quite well.

I’m clearly going to have to increase the syringe feeding, if he won’t eat on his own, although I was hoping that he’d keep eating some breakfast at least – it’s hard to get a cat to start eating on their own again if they stop entirely, but I suppose the long run doesn’t matter. A tablespoon (15 ml) of kibble 4x/day is only about 1/4 of a cup (60ml), and he should be getting 5 or 6 times that. We may need to look at adding another kibble meal or 2 in the day as well, although how we can work that in and still have any time to do anything else like appointments or even grocery runs, I’m not sure. As interested as he is in trying, I’m quite sure that leaving him a dish of kibble unsupervised, even if Trick failed to find and pillage it, would mean a bowl of kibble too slimy with saliva for him to be willing to eat them.

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