Low-energy day

I’ll do my best to get pics tomorrow, or video, or better still both… sorry. I spent today exhausted. Due to high anxiety yesterday, I had trouble sleeping, in part because of muscle tension bad enough to cause spasms in my neck and shoulders. I didn’t bother trying to push wet food much on Cory today.

Super-quick summary:

  • 3 meals of 1.5 tbs of kibble with a very few treats (mostly grain-free), all eaten eagerly
  • 1 bedtime meal of 1 tbs with a few treats, and 3 snacks of 1 tbs each, eaten so enthusiastically that the original plan of 1/2 became 1 each time (one of those, after an interruption to ‘help’ Jackie in the shower, he ate the second half off the blanket and had no trouble picking the kibbles up)
  • had some breakfast gushifuds, tho not as much as yesterday, mostly on his own (a couple of finger-fulls at first); had a little bit later, but Trick had stolen most of it, and by the time I refilled it, he’d lost interest
  • water intake still seems a little high
  • fur-pulling is down… so are the grain-containing treats… hmm…
  • had some diarrhea, although not severe

He’s getting so he recognizes the little storage containers I have his snacks measured out in for quick use, and reacts with serious interest. Even snapping the lid on audibly if it was emptied at least an hour before gets his attention and he’ll climb onto me.

There are 7 different plausible flavours (they won’t eat a few things, like green peas or sweet potatoes), everything from chicken or turkey to salmon or ocean fish to lamb. That means I can keep it mixed up to keep him guessing what’ll be coming. That plus the interaction seems to be working well.

According to the various flavours, he should be getting somewhere between a cup (if I judge loosely by lean weight) to a cup and a half a day. That’s a lot to hand-feed! A cup is 250 ml. A tablespoon is 15ml. He’s getting, at the moment, a total of about 9 tbs including treats, That’s only about 135ml, so around half the minimum he needs. The limited wet food he eats is helping, too, but it doesn’t entirely make up the other half. I do hope we can get him more cooperative about assisted wet-food feeding. Other than the concern about getting enough calories into him per day, he’s still happy and normal.

Okay, off to bed (late, running behind on everything today…) Will aim for pics and/or vid tomorrow.


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