Let’s try for normal!

(no pics in this one, but I’m going to do a post or two with pics from Friday and Saturday later today, once I choose which and get them resized and uploaded – around feeding a Cory-Bear! got lots, especially Friday, so probably 2 posts)

Thursday was just hopeless – had to leave the kids and run to the hospital, Jackie was sent there from the dentist after they nicked the edge of her tongue near the back and it would not stop bleeding. Woke up Maria from downstairs, she has a key, and she came and made sure the kids got their lunch and that Cory ate something. He only ate about half, but he made up for it, and then some, for the rest of the day!

Friday started off great for Cory: kibbles with Jackie, snuggles with me, water, brushing, lounging directly in a sunbeam while eating some turkey stew with very little encouragement. I went out early to get more grain-free treats and a little wet food and crunchies – they come in sample packs, and weight for weight, we’re not getting much, but either I can buy a bunch of sample packs of different flavours for $2 each, or I can spend on average $20 for the smallest size of one or two and limit the options while saving money. sigh He’s just so enthusiastic about kibble and so meh about wet food… will do what we have to. Anyway, came back, gave him a kibble snack, he came out as soon as he heard it rattle and purred all the way through. He was quite interested in food all day, in fact. That evening, while I was giving him a snack, I had to yell for Jackie to bring me another one, because he was tearing through the first so fast and still looking for more.

A full meal is 1 tbs of crunchies of one flavour, an additional 1/2 tbs of a different flavour, and several treats – we’re drifting towards generous grain-free treats and away from a very limited number of cheaper ones that contribute to Cory’s itching. A snack is 1 tbs, all one flavour, no treats – except his bedtime snack, which includes a couple of Temptations. We have no problem giving him 2 snacks back to back. At first, we tried spacing them out into more and smaller meals, but he’s making it quite clear that he’s the one who gets to decide the timing – when he chooses to eat, he eats what he wants, and we’re rarely waking him up to encourage him, since he’s eating as much as he otherwise would. It still isn’t nearly as much as the recommended volume for his weight, but it must be enough: he’s not just alert, he’s playful. Saturday night, he ferociously attacked a long shoelace, especially when it dared hide under some newspaper. But when he decides the timing, he doesn’t just tolerate the food and possibly leave early, he demands it and eats a bit more. So, we’ll monitor how much, but if he wants control, then as long as it doesn’t mean eating less, we’re good with that.

But I definitely need to keep the snack containers full, and probably we should start keeping a couple (not just one!) at each desk, especially me, since when he wants to eat, he comes and climbs on top of me but doesn’t want me to pet him. Communication. :-)

With any luck, now the whole run-to-the-hospital, then-recover-from-incident thing is over, we’ll be able to get life back to some kind of stability again.

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