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Well, he started off by doing an excellent job on his breakfast (7:45) – he left a few kibble, but not much. After which he had a normal-sized drink.

Then, about an hour later, he came in my room and wanted up on my lap. He was willing to be snuggled but kept looking at the two snack dishes on the desk (I’m learning!). When I offered him some, he went for it… and then, having emptied one, proceeded to devour the secoond one. Good start!

And, at around 10:15, after a second drink, he demanded more, and tore through another 2 snack containers, for a total of roughly 5 tbs of kibble (about 10% treats) in 2.5 hours. I don’t think he agrees with the “small meals spaced out through the day” theory! That’s about 75 ml, a third of the 250 ml we’re aiming for as a goal per day!

He may actually be able to get small amounts of water on his own, at least enough to help with the dry mouth that is probably happening with the increased drooling. He got up from his boxcave, and I heard him jump up onto the back of the toilet, next to the sink where there’s a cup for water. I expected him to yell for water, but a moment later he reappeared and went back to bed without ever demanding attention. And believe me, he’s not shy about announcing it when he wants me to do something!

He was drowsy through lunch and didn’t entirely finish, and afterwards, had a deep sleep in his cave. When I went briefly to the store, he woke up and went outside for a bit. Half an hour before supper, he insisted on crunchies, and finished his lunch and then a single extra snack. We did supper at little late, to give that time to settle, and he ate most, leaving a few kibbles and treats.

Around 11, just before I fell over from heat and humidity, I served up a gourmet dish for all three kids: 1/2 tbs each of three varied flavours of kibbles, 3 (4 for Cory) each of 3 flavourrs of grain-free treats, Freya and Trick got a few cheap treats, and everyone got 3 Temptations treats. Lots of flssvours! To say Cory ate his with enthusiasm is an understatement. And I’m grateful that the other two also enjoyed it. No one’s been eating as much as I’d like recently, no matter what I offer, so it’s good to see.


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