Quiet Sunday

Woke up to this – it’s a hard-to-reach corner of my room.

He’s been erratic about food today. He devoured his breakfast crunchies, and no less than 4 snack containers before lunch… he fell asleep around 11, but when he woke up for lunch at 1:00 and was fussy: he was willing to eat the treats, but very few of the kibbles. I gave him what he’d tolerate of diluted, blendererd, seived wet chicken pate (Performatrin Ultra, not Fancy Feast), which was around 1.5 tbs, after which he went back in his boxcave again. I fell asleep for a nap after some computer work, and woke up for suppertime. He did eat supper, then wandered off. He’s been declining to eat wet food on his own, even ones he likes.

Around 10, I gave him more of the wet puree, and this time got about twice as much into him before he’d had enough. A little later I offered him kibble, and he went through a double snack almost completely. Then he had a full-sized meal (1.5 tbs + treats) just before I crashed, so he did get a reasonable amount of food into him despite the mid-day interruption. Cats… no figuring ’em out.

He’s been extremely thirsty all day, repeatedly requesting water. I hope that had more to do with the rising temperature and humidity than anything internal.

On the other hand, when I spread some catnip on some newspaper for him (he adores shredding paper) he got into it with enthusiasm, and went back to it several times, as well as attacking a long string toy a couple of times, so he’s certainly still playful!

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