Hungry Bearcat!

Water before breakfast, okay… was enthusiastic about breakfast, okay… another drink, okay…

Sprawled in a sunbeam for a little while, sure.

Contrasts :-)

Yes, Mom? I’m cleaning my claws, if you don’t mind


While I was lowering my tablet after sending one of these

to Jackie, I discovered that Cory was now on the edge of the bed looking expectant, and at the first invitation, climbed onto my lap, settled himself, and started his “you’re going to give me good stuff” purr (which is different from his “life is good and I’m mellow” purr). Oh, man, he was so hot to the touch, all that black fur in the sun! I had crunchie snack dishes in reach, 3 of them just at random, and it’s a good thing! Within a few minutes, he’d devoured not one, not two, but a total of 3 tbs of kibbles in 3 flavours! As soon as he established that the last dish was empty, he left. LOL

But he was spottted a bit later in the living room, hunting a liberal handful of grain-free treats as Jackie tossed them for him!

Followed by a nap… and devouring nearly all his lunch, except maybe 4 kibbles and a couple of treats. Finally full!

As near as I can calculate, he’s had roughly 6 tbs of kibbles today… and somewhere between 2 and 3 tbs of healthy treats. :lol: We’re aiming for a ballpark of 16-18 tbs/day in total, so we’re well on the way! I’d be happier if he were still voluntarily eating wet food at all, but he just has zero interest.

He slept until suppertime, and was still drowsy when I brought him to the living room. He ate most of his supper, at least, then went back to my room for another nap. Jackie gave him some water at one point when he woke up briefly.

More catnapping, ’til we started wrapping up for bedtime. He had a full-sized meal of 1.5 tbs plus treats, and he devoured it as fast as I could get it into his mouth – then he demanded more, so I gave him a full snack container of further kibble.

So, in total… at least 9 tbs of kibble, and at least another 4, probably more, of treats.

Followed by another 2 snacks literally moments before I passed out, right to the last kibble.

Apparently he was hungry today?

Trick pics! Because we do have 3 cats, not one!

A belly AND a tongue!

See, I can pose in sunbeams too!

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