Fussy Bearcat?

At 2:00am, I was woken up from a sound sleep by a rather odd thump. I opened my eyes to find Cory on my desk, my laptop woken up from standby under him, while he investigated the empty kibble containers. My “desk” is a laptop stand with little extra space, and isn’t supposed to be expected to support more than 15 lbs – Cory weighs more than that alone! I dragged myself out of bed to get more snacks for him, and he devoured a full one and most of a second. Then, before I could pass out again completely, he demanded a drink.

Cory decided this morning that he didn’t want his breakfast with Jackie, not even half… but moments later, demanded 2 full snacks from me in my room.

He’s been acting a bit oddly about water since yesterday. We make sure the water is warmish, so it won’t hurt his teeth. Suddenly, even though he’s in the bathroom asking several times a day, after a syringeful or two, he suddenly looks at the syringe like it’s an Evil Thing that’s hurting him and takes off. I honestly have no idea what’s up. I’m currently having better luck doing his water in tiny dribbles, withdrawing entirely between them, and aiming to get it more or less as far back as I can, and that’s working. Idunno. We’re going to try setting his fave water fountain back up (we took it down because it’s old and the design is bloody impossible to keep thoroughly clean, why are they always like that?) and see if that helps, but that water isn’t going to be warmed, just room temp, so who knows?

Anyway, early on, Freya decided to take advantage of the morning sunnybeams on my bed as a place for a bath and then a nap.

Good thing she took the chance, ’cause all the sun was gone by 10, although it came back in the afternoon.

Cory slept soundly all morning, other than a drink or two, without any demands for more food. This is absolutely the opposite of yesterday.

He more or less repeated breakfast at lunchtime: he ate most of his lunch, then left. His interest was poor, and he had to be coaxed. Later, while I was out, he was willing to eat a full one and about a third each of two other flavours–he was being fussy, but was willing to eat more when the flavour was switched.

Since he ate no more than a third of his supper crunchies, I watered, blendered, and strained a can of Fancy Feast for him. I got about 15 mls of that into him although he wasn’t very happy about it.

And then, near bedtime, he invited himself onto me and finished off one of the snacks he’d started earlier and made decent inroads ito the second, so about a single generously full one in total.

Mid-afternoon, I went to the vet to get, not only more Metacam, but emergency just-in-case pain meds, heavy-duty ones. If something drastic and immediately life-threatening arises, obviously we’ll go to the after-hours clinic, but I would far rather take him to the vet who knows him and his history. Having just-in-case pain meds could mean that over a weekend, including a long weekend, we have a way to make sure he’s not hurting until we can get in to see her. The vet was quite willing to go with it, and it wasn’t al that expensive. We’ve used that one on Cory before, it’s supposed to be squirted into the cheek but he gets seriously cranky about that, so we were injecting it with the blessings of his previous vet. This one is uncomfortable with that and said to keep to oral. I’m not sure which we’ll do if there’s a crisis – he was, as I recall, very good at dribbling a lot of it out, and I’m reluctant to waste pain meds on him spitting or swallowing when either means no benefit to him, whereas injected, he gets 100% effectiveness. But with any luck it’ll never be an issue and we’ll never need it.

We’re still concerned about the odd reactions from water via syringe. I’ve increased his Metacam slightly (the vet said we could dose him as 7kg… we’ve been at 5, because it was doing enough and not upsetting his stomach) since it’s possible all the crunchies are bothering his teeth – not so long ago, we were trying to figure out how to come up with a couple of months’ rent to get his teeth fixed, although the vet is now reluctant to do any surgery, and we were relieved he was eating mostly wet food).

He polished off his bedtime meal, and literally just before I dozed off, had what I’d estimate at an equivalent amount of his own mixed-up letover kibbles and treats from the day, and a third of a snack besides.

So, not bad, even if he was in a fussy mood!

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