Fingers crossed for a quiet day!

Jackie’s back at the dentist to get the work finished that wasn’t quite completed a week ago due to emergency hospital visit for bleeding tongue. Fingers and toes and everything else crossed that today goes smoothly and I don’t get another call to go to the hospital!

Just before the alarm, I woke up because of noise outside, and seconds later, a purring bearcat jumped onto my bed right in front of me. We’ve seen him more enthusiastic about breakfast, but he was alert and interested and he ate nearly all of it. An hour later, he demanded the leftovers and around one snack’s worth (it came from a snack he didn’t finish last night and some from a fresh one).

And he got a snuggle session that included his favourite hairbrush. I don’t want him thinking that the only time I interact with him is to shove food, water, or meds down his throat, y’know? Which was followed by a nap in the usual morning sunbeams.

An hour or so later… I came back to my computer chair, and he climbed up onto me. After brief snuggles, he started looking at the treat containers. He finished the previous one, ate an entire one, and I had to get Jackie to bring me another one, which he ate about half of! So, something like 2 tbs? And I got video of most of this one. :-D

He did well at lunch, left only about 3 kibbles.

And, a couple hours later, invited himself onto me for almost two full snacks. Afterwards, he went to his closet hideyhole, but I heard him chewing and pulling fur. So I yoinked him out and snuggled him on my lap – under a blanket, since despite being the summer solstice, it’s been distinctly chilly. He got a long thorough snuggle, including his favourite brush part of the time, and finally settled himself under the reading lamp for a nap.

At sippertime, he was sleepy – I scooped him up from under the lamp and brought him to Jackie. She covered him up with a couple of layers of fleece blanket, and instead of eating… he fell sound asleep. Dreaming and all. Like, rly srsly cuddled warm and happy under the fleece blankets, all twitchy. Eventually, he did wake up. He decided that he didn’t want to eat one of his flavours, so I had to swap it out, but he ate in total about 2/3 of his usual supper. Of course, he was practically sleep-nomming. When he stopped responding, I scooped him up and settled him under the lamp again, and he immediately went right back to sleep.

Before I did my evening routine of scooping litterboxes and all, I had to pause to feed him – another snack, and nearly all his leftovers from supper that added up roughly to another snack. He was too deep asleep, dreaming and twitching, for me to wake him for more before I got too tired to stay awake.

And, literally just before I passed out, he wolfed down one more. He definitely wants food on his schedule – but he wants it, and that’s the important bit!

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