Early start on the noms

An hour and a half before the alarm, Cry announced, loudly and persistently, that he wanted crunchies and he wanted them NAAAOOOWWW!

So of course he got them, a full snack container plus a few extra.

And a drink.

And then I staggered back to bed.

When normal breakfast came around, he ate nearly all, had another drink, then enjoyed sunbeams on the bed until it got too crowded with Trick and Freya as well, and he went into his closet nest.

We own the bed!

Around 11:30, four hours later, he suddenly reappeared, insisting that he needed crunchies IMMEDIATELY, and tore through two snacks. Then he needed another drink.

Your hand are belong to me!

By the way, I neglected to mention yesterday’s catnip party. This means that I spread sheets of wrapping-type tissue paper in three places that the cats like, and sprinkle catnip there. Trick’s was in a large box that originally had apples in it, Freya got hers on the desk next to Jackie, and the bearcat had his on a stack of 3 large storage binds that the kids tend to treat as a perch. Freya had limited interest, Trick beat up a toy briefly and then fell asleep, but Cory had a really good time beating up the tissue, spreading catnip around the whole apartment, shredding some newspaper, and generally wreaking havoc. He burrowed into an empty backpack, and when I slung it on my front, he rode around for a while quite happily. He had heaps of fun. Afterwards, he passed out in his favourite box on my bed.

Passed out after a catnip party

Anyway, he was so sleepy today we tried not to wake him for lunch, but an hour late, at 2:00, I scooped him up and deposited him on Jackie’s lap… where he promptly fell asleep. Eventually, when he got more conscious, Jackie got about a normal lunch into him, although I had to swap out one flavour for another because he’s decided he’s less interested in it.

He slept soundly all afternoon, and I had to wake him again for supper, an hour late. He was sleepy enough that it took him a while to wake up enough to eat anything. Jackie had to coax him, but got about 2/3 of a meal into him. He was thirsty again and had a good drink.

Around 9 or so, I scritched him a bit to wake him up, then rattled a snack dish. He came out immediately, and enthusiastically gobbled a full three snacks and a couple of crunchies from a fourth! And, after a drink, a bit of snuggling, a trip to the balcony, and a stop in the litterbox on the way back, he devoured another snack and a half.

So despite some concern in the middle of the day, he’s had a solid 11 tbs (165 mls out of the target 250) or more plus some treats. It’s obviously important to make sure he feels like he’s in control, but when he’s too sleepy to eat for two meals, it gets a bit nerve-wracking! The whole issue currently is just to keep him eating and drinking. Otherwise he’s managing and adapting to or ignoring little changes, but I’m worried that he’s going to stop eating and ot start again

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