Sleep, eat, water, snuggle, repeat

Short-ish and slightly disjointed post. Sorry, I’m tired. Some furry beast keeps interrupting my sleep…

Forty-five minutes before the alarm, Cory insisted Jackie provide water when she got up to use the bathroom. Immediately after, he scarfed down a snack, then fell asleep until the alarm and official breakfast time. Doesn’t he know that the whole point of the alarm is so I don’t have feline meal-creep edging breakfast a little earlier every day? LOL

He was wide awake and enthusiastic about breakfast, more than he has been in a couple of days. And an hour later, he wanted more – two full snacks, in fact. He was rather fussy about the second one. “I want noms but I’m going to spit out this flavour… I refuse to take that flavour… all right, that one is acceptable.” Once I got to the one he wanted, he devoured it energetically, then left.

And fell sound asleep, apart from a drink or two, for the rest of the morning. Aside from briefly interacting with Jackie, when she came in to talk to me and stretched out beside him to pet him.

I pwn this human

Dreaming… lunch was late, couldn’t bear to wake him!

He was fussy at lunch. Out of seven flavours, he’s decided he’s lost interest in one. I gave him half a tablespoon each of the other six. He ate, as near as we can estimate, about his usual 1.5 – mostly of two flavours. Plus treats, of course.

It seems to be a pattern that he sleeps all afternoon without waking up for more crunchies or water. In this case, he went in his closet hideyhole, while Trick claimed the spot under the lamp. (It’s late June, why is it not warm enough that I have that turned off for the summer?)

Mid-afternoon Trick-nap

When I woke him and brought him to Jackie for supper, he was all lovey and boneless in my arms, purring all the way. He was quite enthusiastic about eating, and actually had an extra third or so of a snack container after his supper was finished.

Then, before bed, he wanted more – and again, just before I fell asleep.

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