Another early morning

No pics – tired enough that I just wasn’t thinking of it, sorry.

Seriously – at 5:00 am, over 2 hours before the alarm, Cory notified me (by climbing onto my pillow and wrapping around my head) that he wanted me to wake up. As soon as I moved, he looked at the snack dishes. One snack and a drink later, he let me fall back asleep until the alarm. I was exhausted even before I went to bed, with his last snack right around midnight, and this stuff isn’t helping. It’s like having a genuine babycat who needs to be fed constantly! Love him more than all the world, but doing everything on his timetable… sigh

Ate so much breakfast that he even had a few extra kibbles from a snack dish, then had another 2/3 of a snack before returning to his den in my closet.

Less than an hour before lunch, he decided he was hungry and wolfed down two snacks. He wanted more, but I stopped him so he’d eat his lunch.

For lunch, he left a few kibble, but not very much. Then he did his usual afternoon nap. I had one, too!

He was extremely enthusiastic about supper, and actually had extra crunchies – probably at least half a tablespoon extra, so along with the treats, it was quite a substantial meal.

Before bed, he actively demanded that I sit down and feed him. He ate two full snacks, and half each of two more – Trick helpfully cleaned up the remaining halves. :-)

We’re trying an experiment because of how much fur he’s pulling out. Out of the seven flavours of crunchies we’ve been serving up, one he’s lost interest in (lamb and brown rice). Only one other one has any grain at all in it, chicken and brown rice. The remainder are all specifically grain free, generally with potato as a carb (I know, cats are not potato-tarians): turkey, salmon, chicken, ocean (whitefish, salmon, herring), and grain-free (turkey, duck, salmon, chicken). He’s sometimes not in the mood for the chicken, but he loves the other four. So we’re going to try dropping even the chicken and brown rice one, so his diet will be 100% grain free. It’s already been wheat- and corn-free for a while, we’re lucky enough that he adores one type of grain-free treat so we could drop the other ones. If the allergy is being caused by something environmental, we’re stuck, because it could be anything. We already use (expensive) walnut cat litter, because clay makes him chew his pads bloody, wheat makes him itch, corn probably would but none of them like the texture, and I cantell you right now that the newspaper stuff would not be a hit. If the walnut makes him itch, there’s nothing else to try. But, fingers crossed, maybe the rice is a factor? It could be anything, including chicken. It wasn’t as bad when he was eating mostly wet food, it’s definitely more of an issue since he stopped eating that and fixated on crunchies. Brushing him and trying to distract him only work so well, and it would just be cruel to put a cone on him and leave him to itch. So, aargh on that one.


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