It’s all about the bear’s timetable

(Sorry for lack of pics, will try hard to have for tomorrow.)

Having had that last snack a little before midnight, guess who started hollering at 1:30 that he desperately needed a drink?

Now, he can actually drink from a dish, it’s just slower and less effective, which is why we help. But, y’know, he’s not at a total loss if the Metacam is making his mouth feel dry, or something. Still, 1:30, he insisted that he needed a full, proper drink, immediately. Since I moved, Trick decided he needed snuggles.

Okay, so I go back to bed, then before I’m entirely asleep, I hear him loudly pulling fur out. I drag myself vertical and check all his sleepy spots in my room (seriously, there are more kitty sleepy spots than just about anything else except dirty laundry… also sometimes a kitty sleepy spot!). No sign of him anywhere, but from the sound, he was obviously close. Turned out he was under my bed – it’s an old fashioned one with no box spring, it has metal slat springs and just the one mattress, so lots of room under it. There was no way I could reach him, and had to leave him to it. Guess what white-footed tuxie decided, “Hey, Mom’s awake, I can get snuggles!”

Sky barely light, and Freya starts yelling about how utterly lonely and forsaken and bored she is because her Jackie is daring to sleep and abandon her. Cory slept through Jackie getting up. The white-footed tuxie did not. “Oh, yay! Third time tonight! Mom’s awake to give me loves!”

Six o’clock. Cory. “I’m soooo thirsty!!!!” Jackie leaves Freya to take care of it (offending Freya, btw). And because he heard my voice (more of a groan, really) Trick hops eagerly back up on the bed. He didn’t get long: having had a drink, Cory decided he was hungry, and wolfed down two treat dishes (still 1 tbs each) before I called a halt. Partly because I wanted him to ewat breakfast, partly because I was only half conscious.

Quarter to seven? “Mom! I’m thirsty again! And I want you, not Jackie!”

Just… argh. Am I a bad mom for wanting the furry kid I love more than anything in the world to just shut up?

He managed to eat his full breakfast, regardless, after the alarm went off at 7:30.

And then, a little after 8:00, he climbed onto me and demanded a further two snacks. So, by 8:30, he’s had (if you include treats) about 6 tbs (90 ml) out of the 16 tbs/250 ml we’re aiming for in 24 hours.

He’ll be on his own for a little while this afternoon, after his lunchtime, but he sleeps then anyway. And again after that, since I have to see if I have enough left in my bank account for human food along with more crunchies, since we’re running out of a couple of flavours and we can’t have that. :roll:

He did eat his entire lunch, although a few of the crunchies were swapped with a different flavour. Maybe he was still feeling fairly full from breakfast!

I got home from shopping at most an hour before supper. Cory promptly wanted water, then ate the majority of 2 snacks – he left no more than half a tablespoon combined.

I picked up samples of a couple of flavours he hasn’t tried from the same brand – sweet potato and chicken, green pea and duck, and a senior version of the grain free. I hadn’t tried them previously because I was pretty sure he wouldn’t go for it. Preliminary evidence suggests that I was right: if he’s going to like something, it’s usually immediate. But, we’ll see.

He only ate about half of his supper, refusing the 1/2 tbs of sweet potato & chicken entirely, and even abandoned a lot of treats. Freya, on the other hand, seems enthusiastic. Trick hasn’t decided.

Around 10:30, after another drink (I honestly think the Metacam is giving him a dry mouth!), he went through two and a half as fast as I could drop them into his mouth, plus a few treats. Half an hour later, he came back for most of the remaining half… plus another full snack, and a few more treats besides. Again, like last night (did I mention it? I’ll have to check) Cory got rather indignant that I offered the leftover bit of kibble to Trick, although unlike last night, apparently he was too full to stalk over and try to shove Trick out of the way.

So, we’re looking at something like 14 tbs (roughly 210 mls of 250) which is extremely reasonable. Besides, he’s only intermittently active and he’s never had a very fast metabolism, so an estimated 1 cup per day might actually be a bit high for him anyway. So if some days it’s less than that, we aren’t going to panic – I’m considering around 12 tbs/ 180 ml to be a functional minimal level. But it’s good that he has such an excellent appetite!

Now, if he’d just have it at slightly more convenient times…

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