Cory and CBD Oil, Day Three


When the morning alarm went off, he joined Jackie in the bathroom, purring, and wanted some quick headbonks. By the time I got there, he wanted up into the window. I couldn’t stay with him and simultaneously get everyone’s breakfast and meds and pumpkin supplement together, so Jackie came back to stay with him. He did eventually want a drink (he turns around and looks pointedly at the showerhead) but not a large one. A bird flying by while he was drinking prompted him to whip around 180 degrees and crouch, watching everything – not a fear reaction, a hunting reaction, and once he established that it was gone, he resumed his small drink and wanted down.

On my bed, which is kitty central, Freya tried to wash his face and ears, but he was determined to wrestle instead. She gave up and went to the food, finishing off the last few kibbles from last night, and Cory went to a different kitty bed. He had no interest in the food, until Jackie opened a new serving. (We have small containers on hand with a limited amount, so it can’t get nasty in the current hot humid weather, and also so we can track roughly who’s eating how much.) As soon as the new food hit the dish, he was immediately interested, and between them they pretty much finished 3 tbs of mixed kibble.

The whole horde, pwning my messy bed for an afternoon nap

All of that before breakfast meds! We tried a new method of getting the CBD into him. I worked out exactly how 1ml (1cc) fits into a 1/4 tsp measuring spoon, then put slightly more oil than that into the spoon, and slurped it up into a 10cc oral syringe with 8cc of slightly diluted, blenderized, strained Fancy Feast pate, which he’s been getting anyway with his meds to make sure there’s food in there at the time. Well-shaken, it came out quite smoothly, much more so than trying with a small syringe. Better still, he seemed to find the taste puzzling but not unpleasant, since he kept licking his lips and teeth but not resisting the next squirt. That also reduces the already complicated routine by one item. Once we can safely drop the pumpkin, that will be even better, since that’s the one part he likes the least. He stayed calm until the very end, and even then it was a mild protest – possibly just that his tummy was full, since he’d had water and kibble just before!

After which, he spent a few minutes on the balcony checking out the world, while I was finally getting my own breakfast, before returning to his default location: my room, where my computer is and therefore I usually am.

I’m watching him closely for any hint of agitation or mania. I’ve seen that once before, several years ago, as a reaction to too high a dose of meds. This isn’t frenzied or pressured at all. It’s almost kitten-like, or at least, 1-year-old-Cory-ish instead of 9-year-old-Cory-ish.

An hour later, he came over to the edge of the bed closest to me and looked at me expectantly. At points, this has meant various things, but always that he wants something. In this case, I tried the brush, and apparently that was successful. He spent the next several minutes getting brushed, leaning into it with considerable force and using one paw wrapped around my wrist to show me where he wanted it, all while lounging in a sunbeam with a pleasant breeze. After which, he did a brief towel-wrestling bout with my hand, and climbed onto my lap to rest his head on my shoulder and relax. An excessively loud car being gunned nearby made him wake up and move, but he only went to the window to look for the annoying twit who feels the need to announce himself to the whole neighbourhood.

That was followed by his normal late-morning naptime, initially in his closet hideyhole bed as usual. He slept through most of the afternoon, emerging once to eat and switch to a different sleeping spot. That’s his normal routine – he really prefers to be a morning and evening cat, not a daytime one. During that intermission, he wanted a drink, and after brief loves, did an impressive long and thorough stretch from the shower bench up to hooking his ‘fingertips’ over the windowledge, which we’re estimating at roughly a three foot difference.

Yes, Mom? I had lunch, I want to go back to sleep now, if you don’t mind!

Coming up on suppertime, I did a quick trip to a nearby store for a couple of things we needed for tonight. When I returned, Cory came racing (!) in off the balcony, tail straight up and quivering in his usual “Mom! You’re home!” greeting to me. Jackie hadn’t even seen him go outside. For the record, he was, as usual, not upset that I’d been gone, he does not have any separation anxiety. He just always likes to welcome me home – and get scooped up so he can swipe his cheek along mine a couple of times, re-establishing scents.

Later in the evening, he started chirping persistently while we were watching a movie. He led me to the bathroom and the shower bench that’s his favourite place for soliciting headbonk and nuzzles. He didn’t want water, just lots of attention and a brief look out the window.

And he had no trouble settling in for the night when everyone else wound down.

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