Cory and CBD Oil, Day Eight and vet visit


All the usual! When Jackie had a shower, he hung around in the window inside the shower with her for a while, after only a very brief drink – guess he was enjoying the peripheral spray, the company, something fascinating outside the window, or some combo!

Cory had a vet visit late in the morning. He was amazingly calm about the whole thing. Normally, like most cats, he gets rather stressed, although as long as I’m there it’s usually manageable. We had an ice pack in a towel in his carrier because it’s so hot, and brought his brush since that’s recently even more of a big thing for him than usual. He was fine being brushed while the tech (or assistant?) got his weight and took his temperature. While we were waiting, he explored the room, purred some while cheekrubbing the corner of the cupboard and me, got brushed more, relaxed under Jackie’s chair, burrowed in his carrier blankets a bit (normal for him – I think he thinks he’s a wombat sometimes), and generally wasn’t all that upset. I took a nylon shopping bag out that I had in my purse, and held it for him, and he thought about it briefly and then dove into it, turned around, and settled down. Which is where he was when the vet came in!

He was great about being examined, moved casually from my arms into those of the tech who came to take him to the back, and apparently very cooperative about getting a bit of blood taken for a complete blood panel. His weight is up, which is a little disappointing but better than wasting away, and given how much he’s enjoying being able to feed himself again, it isn’t much surprise. That odd lower lip is apparently another allergy/autoimmune thing, normally it would take putting him back on prednisolone to get rid of it but the oils in his CBD oil may help. Otherwise, he’s doing great, his tooth pain is nicely under control and she agreed with our plan to keep edging the buprenorphine gently down while watching for any signs of pain. While Jackie paid and got us a cab, he lounged in his carrier getting brushed. When we got home, I ran briefly upstairs to put a delivery notice on a neighbour’s door so they wouldn’t miss it, and Jackie said he tried to follow me, which is pretty adventurous for him!

So now we wait until Wednesday for results of his bloodwork to see what his white blood cells are doing, which will give us a better picture of whether there’s really cancer involved.

At this point, I’m sending this file to the vet, although I intend to continue it as well.

Here are some pics and a short video from the vet visit:

Waiting for the vet

Still waiting for the vet

Ready to head home

Time to go home now… um, no hurry…

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