Cory and CBD Oil, Days Six and Seven

I know, no posts for a couple of days… because there was nothing to say! Because we have a bunch of pics and a bit of video from the vet on Monday, that’ll be up as a separate post right after this one.


Nothing new to report. He’s doing just fine on 6 units (0.06cc) of buprenorphine twice a day, with a 7kg dose of CBD in salmon oil in the morning along with 5mg of Reactine, and FortiFlora in the evening. No apparent pain, he’s eating and drinking comfortably. He’s curious, alert, with nothing suggesting stress or anxiety. He cycles through his various beds over the course of the day like always. He solicits attention and reciprocates enthusiastically, but without any impression of being needy or insecure or seeking comfort – including going after my ponytail vigourously. He made an impressive leap from the shower windowsill into my arms, over my shoulder and into Jackie’s. In general, he’s just… himself.

I do need to note that all three have had a couple of good firm normal bowel movements, so as long as the FortiFlora continues a bit longer, I think the whole viral diarrhea episode is done. They haven’t had any pumpkin for a few days.

Because that’s a very short video, I’m also going to add links to earlier videos of more or less the same sort of behaviour: Cory being affectionate, his way. These aren’t from the past week, but he’s doing the same thing! He just really, really likes one particular sort of hair elastic to rub hard against!

There are lots more videos of him being affectionate on the same channel. You get the idea! LOL And he is doing this a LOT lately, energetically!


Pretty much the same as yesterday. He spent a while on the balcony, including hanging around quite calmly while Grandma Maria was tossing her recycling into the bins just below and to one side of our balcony. Anxiety just seems to fail to kick in even on things that otherwise might make him nervous. For a while, he was only comfortable with water or syringed food that was distinctly warm. However, we’ve noticed several times this week that he’s less sensitive to the temperature, and he shows no discomfort over room temperature fluids – possibly even slightly cooler, since he drinks regularly from his fountain and circulation cools it a little.

This is actually exactly what we want: no ups and downs, no dramatic changes, just Cory being able to live comfortably and happily with no side effects, regardless of what might be going on deep inside.

Backlit house panther in the shower window!

Since I’m doing flashback video… this is what he does in the shower, more or less, when not looking out the window:

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