Kitty TV!

Jackie sent me, mostly as a joke, a link she’d come across to a YouTube video for cats.

Mostly as a joke, I tried it, while I was in front of my laptop and Cory was sitting on my lap, just after getting one of his measured hand-fed kibble meals.

My orphan boy, who sometimes lacks normal feline reactions, almost went right out of his fur. For the next ten minutes, he didn’t move – other than muscles rippling and the very tip of his tail twitching slightly, and his eyes tracking the contents of the screen constantly. I think he overloaded, because he launched off my lap and left the room altogether. LOL

Freya watches at moments but prefers beating up physical toys or getting loves. Trick watches more often, but he always does so from a short way off and at an angle or from behind something. Maybe he likes to feel as though he’s stalking them?

At this point, I don’t get much use of my 3rd-hand tablet anymore. That’s okay, I mostly use it for reading and the occasional game – I’m not a fan of touchscreens. I used to use it as a camera, but my “new” phone takes much better pictures. That means the tablet spends a lot of its time like this:

The YouTube video comes from a frequently-updated channel by Paul Dinning, who films birds and squirrels and such in Cornwall. Many of the videos are hours long, up to nearly twelve! (I made an unlisted playlist of longer, 2-hour-plus videos, which you’re welcome to use. Cory recommends anything with squirrels in the thumbnail.) There are videos intended for dogs, and I can’t comment on how well they work, but some of the dog ones and most of the cat ones get several paws up from this household! Or they would, if I could get Cory’s attention long enough…

He seriously has to turn his back on the tablet to sleep, because otherwise, his eyes drift closed, then snap open again at a sudden motion or interesting sound. Sometimes the tablet gets batted. I can’t let him watch on my laptop unsupervised, or he goes at the screen while standing on the keyboard and all manner of chaos happens. It’s my go-to solution when he’s having an allergy-itchy moment, on the list with toys and his fave brush to distract him from pulling out his own fur. It’s funny to watch him trying not to watch, or having his attention caught while he’s twisting himself into an odd position to deal with an itch.

Just as a footnote: he does have environmental allergies that we have not been able to entirely identify (clay cat litter is one), along with food allergies to corn/wheat/rice and several other chronic issues. The vet thinks his immune system is a bit out of whack because he was orphaned young. With two disabled humans and 3 cats in a 2-bedroom apartment, it’s not exactly a model of housekeeping, but as long as the places he sleeps most are kept clean, he’s usually okay. It helps that he loves sleeping on sheets of tissue paper and in boxes! He had a bad bout a few months ago and is on low-dose prednisolone (2.5 mg – he is VERY sensitive to meds and reacts badly to many) and chlorpheniramine, a human anti-histamine that’s not exactly the easiest to find but it seems to be working much better than Benadryl or Reactine. The combination is so far pretty successful, but he still has moments. This, distraction, to keep him from becoming a Sphynx. It’s just too cold here for being naked!

This isn’t an ad or anything, just wanted to share something that’s giving my babybear so much stimulation and entertainment. I’ve mentioned it previously on Facebook and on Cheezland, but not with pics! (Okay, one pic on Cheezland.) Maybe it’ll be fun for someone else’s furry kids, especially with the northern hemisphere moving more indoors as the weather gets colder. :-) And if nothing else, it’s certainly amusing me watching him!

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