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My name is Steph, but that really doesn’t tell you much, does it? I’ve gone by the screen names of Tenebra, Freya, and Shaharazad at various points since I discovered the Internet, and currently use variations of Prysm, Prysmcat, Prysma, or prysma-kitty, possibly more often than “Steph,”which might tell you a little more, but not much.

Well, if you met me, you’d see a woman just into her 40s, wearing glasses, average height and running a tad towards overweight, with shoulder-length brown hair usually confined in a tail or pinned with a clip (but Cory won’t let me cut it short again, he loves burrowing into it too much!). Very likely I’d be wearing scrub pants, or possibly jeans, and a loose t-shirt, with little or no jewellery and no makeup. I’m not particularly striking in any way.

Odds are, especially if I’m in a crowd or an unfamiliar situation, you might notice that I seem uncomfortable and anxious, and that I seem to be trying my best to be invisible or at least as inoffensive as humanly possible. You’d be right on all of the above. A social animal I definitely am not. Online, I do much better. After all, the written word is my communication medium of choice, and I find it far less draining than being around most people in person. Yes, I’m very strongly introverted.

If I get the sense that you might be friendly, though, and that we might have some common ground, it’s not all that difficult to get me talking. Depending on the situation, I might tell you about any one aspect of myself. Less often, I may offer more than one. Each one is real, of course, but each is only one part of the spectrum. :-)

If you want to know about more of those aspects, take a look here under the various headings. This is who I am.



  1. Prysm… its been way to long sence we ever talked.. but I need your help dearest of friends I once had… before when you had the forums you helped me with some stuff.. now I need help to get INTO that stuff lol.. I can’t remember how to get into the web mail you had made for me.. I hope its still up as well… I know I have left IMVU for a long time.. But I am trying to come back.. and I want Kath back.. I want my old self.. the one you all knew and the one who was the most playful fuzzball to exist.. if you could contact me via this email I would like not only to get back intouch with you but to also hopefully get the dang IMVU account back of mine..

  2. Awww Prysma, such a sweet-good-dear blog. As I have been tied up with the struggle of a sick frend-sister (KSM on ICHC) I has nawt been able to just cut loose on Cheezland. Also been hasin a sick fr 2 wks. I just love all of you who are “community creators”! Mucho blessings, BGCMEOWRRRR

  3. You say that you aren’t particularly striking in any way. As someone who knows – you are like a ray of sunshine hidden behind a cloud, and then when you smile the cloud moves away and you shine. Your eyes light up, your smile holds no cynicism and a flush comes to your cheeks. You are truly striking when you smile. This is my opinion.

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