Freya’s Story

October 15, 2010, I went with a friend from Kingston Animal Rescue to assess a cat called Tiggs. She’d been found as a pregnant stray, and the wonderful lady who brought her inside allowed her to have and raise her five kittens there, found homes for them (having discovered the the local “Humane Society” would have killed her and possibly the kittens – that is NOT “euthanasia”, it’s just plain killing), and contacted KAR about Tiggs.

She’s a tiny, delicate tabby with orange highlights and an orange fleck on her forehead, who moves like a dancer. She’d been having some trouble with the resident cats there, so I brought her home to see about socializing her.

Cory was determined to make friends. No matter how often she growled at him or hissed at him when I allowed him in her room under supervision, he remained completely undaunted, and she finally realized that he just was not going to turn aggressive no matter what she did.

Well, we ended up adopting her. Signed the paperwork in January. She’d so obviously settled in, and so obviously bonded to Cory and Trick and Angel, and so obviously started to relax and feel safe, that we simply didn’t have the heart to send her off to yet another new environment. We renamed her Freya, in part in honour of our previous tabby Loki, and in part for her beauty and her affectionate nature.

She’s become my shadow, almost always within my sight, climbing onto the back of my computer chair and slithering down to lie across the back of my neck and purr, very loving. And extremely playful! She adores the birds that fly past our second-floor apartment, and early morning generally includes her sitting in a window chittering at them in excitement. Despite being about half the size of the boys, she has no fear of them when they’re playing.

No more homelessness or being handed from human to human for our sweet girl, she’s here to stay!

Freya in the window

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