Pics of Nermal – 3/3



Nermal and Loki, best friends – a scratch on Nermal’s retina healed with scarring, resulting in the odd look of his left eye, and cataracts increasingly interfered with his good eye, but it didn’t slow him much.


Nermal and Loki and sweet black Sidney, who we adopted at 8 months old a terrified emotional mess, and who a few years later chose to go live with my mom after she lost both of hers (not anthropomorphizing – he honestly did, long story). The single mattress behind the couch was there specifically for the cats to play on.



Me, asleep… with Loki in his favourite spot, and Nermal in my arms under the blanket.

Towards the end of his life, when he was often cold, and lost a lot of weight, and wore a modified baby shirt to protect a hot spot on his shoulder that wouldn’t heal – but still loved to be out in the sun.







Taken the morning of the day we went to the vet for the last time. I know it’s an effect of the flash and the white wall behind him – but he had, in a very real sense, already halfway gone ahead by this point…

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