Trick’s Story

30 October 2004, Trick showed up on our doorstep on a cold, drizzly day, a cute small black-and-white cat about six months old. Loki had been yelling by the front window for hours off and on.

And, after a few hours in a back room with a comfy kitty bed and food and water, he started howling incessantly. Since he showed every sign of being a housecat, we cautiously let him out. He promptly began to act like he’d been there forever, and instantly became Loki’s shadow. I’m actually kind of happy that we could never find out where he came from, because he’s so very good for Loki, and for me – and I think for Sean too, no matter how he grumbles and calls Trick the alien.

Trick in his own words, 10 October 2008:

Ohai, hai, hai! I’m Trick, well, Trick-or-Treat, but I don’t very often stay still long ’nuff for anyone to say the whole thing. Mom keeps saying I’m the most hyp… hyper… I never slow down until I fall over , cat she’s ever seen. I don’t know why she says that, I mean, I’m just having fun. Angel said I should come tell my story too, and she’s gonna whap me with one of those big orange paws of hers if I get distracted and when she whaps you she can knock you into next week. Mom’s going to clean up mine too, to make it easier for hyoomins to read.

Oh, here’s a picture of me. Sorry about all the parts of me you can’t see, Mom and Dad say they have trouble sometimes getting clear pictures of me when I’m not asleep. I don’t know why, I don’t move all that much when I’m being cuddled… oh! Well, here’s the picture, anyway:

Trick sleeping

Anyway, I found Mom n Dad while they were living in the same place they were in when Angel found them, except I got there about six months earlier. It was the day before Hallowe’en, and it was drizzly-raining and kind of cold and they brought me inside — they really didn’t want to leave a mostly-black cat loose just before Hallowe’en, ’cause some hyoomins are just sick. They put me in one room with food and water and a warm soft blanket and my own litter box, and that was great for a little while, I nommed like crazy and then had a nap, but then when I woke up I got bored so I started yelling at the top of my lungs. Loki sat and looked at the door, too, like he wanted me out. Mom came in to see if I was okay, and finally decided that since I looked and acted like a lost housecat, not a feral, and since the other cats all had their shots and everything, that she’d very cautiously let me out to meet the others. What happened then kind of blew Mom’s mind, ’cause Loki acted like he’d known me forever, and the other cats mostly just ignored me completely, and that’s a bit weird for two adult females and an adult male other than Loki to act with a six-month-old unneutered tom, you know? And when suppertime came, I was there waiting with the others, and Mom started wondering if her cat Nermal who’d died a year before had brought me to them and told me about the house and wanted me to be Loki’s friend because he missed Nermal so much still. I’m not telling!

Anyway, they tried to find where I belonged, because I didn’t act like anyone had ever hurt me so they thought I must come from somewhere, but no one ever turned up. A taxi-driver friend of Mom’s mom told them that he was sure I was the same cat that had tried to climb into his cab with a total stranger, blocks away, the day before. I can’t remember if I did or not, I like making friends and I did a lot of things while I was out wandering around. I can’t remember why I left home, either, except I think I was bored, I get bored easily and that’s mostly when I do silly things. Anyway, they let me stay because of Loki, ’cause Mom said he obviously needed and wanted me.

They tried and tried to think of a name for me, and finally decided to call me Trick-or-Treat, ’cause I turned up on the doorstep at Hallowe’en, and ’cause I’m sometimes one and sometimes the other! But like I said, I usually don’t stay still long enough for the whole thing, so everyone just calls me Trick. Except for the people who mishear and think my name is Trix, like some stupid bunny or something.

Anyway, the other male cat in the house, Sidney, he had a bad time when he was a kitten, there was some other cat who beat him up a lot and some other things, and he just hated me even though he was Loki’s friend. So things were interesting a lot of the time until Mom could get me fixed. I know she had to, and in a way I’m glad because I couldn’t even think about cuddling and playing and stuff very much ’cause I kept gettig distracted by these hormones that were driving me crazy, but it was NOT a nice process. I had a bad reaction to the anas… anes… the stuff that made me sleep, and after they brought me home, I couldn’t relax for hours and hours and hours, and I kept being scared and freaking out even though Mom said there was nothing there. Mom locked us both in her office and she stayed with me for the whole time, trying to distract me and calm me down, and I was so so so so so glad when it finally wore off and let me go to sleep. I think Mom was, too, ’cause I think she said it took over twelve hours or something like that.

So, anyway, now I’m just part of the family! And I get to stay with Loki forever! Loki is totally my hero. Anything I see him do, I try it to see if I can do it so I can be like him. I love-love-love sleeping in places that smell like Loki. He knocks me down and beats me up all the time, but wrestling with Loki is fun and he’s paying attention to me! And it isn’t like he’s actually hurting me or anything, although people who haven’t seen us play before sometimes think he’s killing me. Sometimes when he’s sleeping under his lamp, I can sneak in close and sleep right next to him, and that’s even better than sleeping in a place that smells like him. Sometimes he lets me wash him, although most of the time when we start washing each other like Angel taught us both, he ends up turning it into a wrestling match. But that’s okay by me! Mom says it’s good for Loki to have me around because in the almost-a-year since Nermal died, he stopped playing as much, but now he’s all active again. Dad always makes a big fuss about it when we’re chasing each other around the apartment, about us being dangerous, but when he thinks no one’s watching, he laughs at us for being silly and he’s always amazed how fast we can go and how we can go over and under and through the furniture and how we can corner on hardwood floors.

Angel is my bestestest friend in the whole world. We squabble sometimes, I mean, she jumps out of boxes at me and things like that! But I love her anyway and sometimes we sit for ages and both wash each other at the same time. Sometimes we play the same kinds of games that I play with Loki. Sometimes she even attacks my TAIL like it’s a mouse, and that makes me run away. I know she used to get scared a lot but now every time I turn around, she’s decided she’s going to follow me and Loki, and she goes into another place that used to be just ours, like on top of the bookshelf and things like that. She doesn’t usually spend much time in those, though, she likes exploring now but she’s not as comfortable up that high as we are. She doesn’t sleep up in closet shelves or anything. Yet, at least.

Angel mostly looks after Dad, but my job is to look after Loki and help Loki look after Mom. She gets sad and tired sometimes, more than I like, but she can always laugh at Loki or I being silly, so we think of crazy things to do that will make her shake her head but be laughing, really. She never yells at us for doing stuff unless it’s something we aren’t supposed to do because it’s dangerous to us. When I scooped all the dirt out of her houseplants, over a couple of weeks, she just laughed watching me play in the dirt and be all excited, and left it for me for a little while before she cleaned it up. Then she teased me about having dirty paws, but they weren’t dirty for very long. Angel taught me to be clean.

Dad thinks I’m crazy because i play-play-play-play until I get so tired I start panting and just kind of flop. Mom got me checked out after she saw that a couple of times, but my heart and lungs and all are fine, I just get sooooo into it and sooooooo excited that I just can’t stop playing! Oh, and speaking of getting checked out, the vet laughs at me too, because Mom took me up for shots, same time as Angel, and the whole time I was going hiss-hiss-hiss, little short hisses at everyone and everything. The vet was a bit unsure how I was going to act, but I didn’t fight her much, even while I was going hiss-hiss-hiss, I mean, this was a new place and new people and everyone had been saying how cyoot I was! When she put the thingie against my ribs, she laughed, though, ’cause she said that usually cats that come in have an elevated heart rate ’cause of stress, but despite how I was acting, my heart rate was perfectly normal. Well, yeah. I was just hissing to make sure everyone knew not to mess with me!

Sometimes Loki and Trick and I all lay around on Mom and Dad’s bed. Mom just shakes her head and sighs ’cause the other two will be sleeping but I’ll be wide awake, just lying there so I can be near them but not sleeping myself. Dad says I must be an alien and keeps asking Mom if the kitteh manual says I should be doing things that I do, but I mean, come on, a manual? if kittehs followed a manual, we wouldn’t be kittehs, right? So what if I love water and dirt and things?

Mom always gets so happy when I get in a cuddly kind of mood. Actually, I’m almost always in one if you wake me up, but some other times too. I love it so much, it’s as good as playing! I writhe around and purr as hard as I can and somehow I shed like mad so there’s fine black fur EVERYWHERE and I drool like a kitten and I just totally get lost in it. Mom and Dad say that everything I do, I throw myself into a hundred percent, whatever that means. I think it means that for me, whatever I’m doing, that’s the whole world for me right then, no thinking about a few minutes ago or what’s coming next, just totally completely absolutely in the right now.

I gotta go now, it’s time for morning treats when Mom helps Dad get out of bed. We got her trained really well, to give us treats so we don’t get in the way — hah! Probably can write more about me another day, I have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of adventures to tell you about! Like climbing up onto the next balcony, and stealing packages of kitteh treats, and getting under the sink into the bag of potting soil for Mom’s plants, and the hamster we used to have, and lot of things!

Kthxbai fur nao!

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