Cory’s Q&A For Confused Cats


Having been raised by humans, gone to college (but didn’t graduate due to technicalities), and lived with multiple foster cats, Cory knows more about strange primate behaviour than most cats, and has decided to share his experience and knowledge in hopes of helping cats who are confused and frustrated by the odd things their humans do.

Translated and transcribed by his human Mom, Steph Shangraw, aka Prysmcat / Prysma / prysma-kitteh.

If you choose to share with others, we both encourage that, but would prefer that you refer them here or to Cory’s page on Facebook rather than posting elsewhere. If you really need to post it elsewhere, at least drop us a comment or an email via the Contact Me form, and include a link back here, okay? And is it really necessary to say: our work, therefore our intellectual property, therefore don’t go spreading it around with no attribution or an untrue one?

I was lying on my human’s lap, being properly adored, and feeling all warm and happy. I started kneading a bit with my front paws, and all of a sudden, my human yelped and pushed me onto the floor! I was really upset and hurt. Why did she do that?

Why do my humans get so upset when my brother and I chase each other around the house at night? We aren’t getting in their way and being tripped over, or anything, and we only run across the bed occasionally.

All I did was scratch at the corner of the couch near the door! You’d think I killed someone or stole their tuna or something! What’s the big deal?

My humans are always bringing home things they give to me and, as far as I can tell, expect me to be excited and play with them, and they’re disappointed or confused or annoyed when I don’t find them interesting. Yet when I find things that I consider fun, like paper bags and cardboard boxes and balls of paper, they take them away.  What gives? (Part 1)

Toys, Part 2

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