Sleep and food, the important things

Kittens grow up so very fast, don’t they? I mean, just look at this picture from today!

Just kidding — call it a belated April Fools’. :)) Eva is, however, 10.25 ounces, easily three times the size she was when she came to live with us.

The other big news of the day: we’ve been holding Eva out to the adult cats to sniff at every possible opportunity. This morning, Angel not only sniffed her, but gave her one lick, which turned into at least a dozen, washing one side of her face and part of her side. Eva looked confused, mostly. I wish we’d had the camera handy! If she’ll start helping with the socializing at all, it’ll be a wonderfully useful thing, very good for Eva’s education!

I’m awfully far behind on the photos that should be posted here, and I’m hoping to get them up tonight, finishing tomorrow if necessary. Anyone wanting to make LOLcats of them on ICHC, go ahead, just put this as the source and make sure to let me know so I can add it here!

For the moment, however, here are today’s videos:

My sleepy baby girl:



What can I say? She’s growing, eating, exploring, sleeping. Sleeping tends to be low on the list, although she’s sleeping curled up on my chest right now (there are advantages to being, er, ample ;) ). She’s now large enough that the bottle that was previously too large for her is now a very practical size. The other kids are still uncertain about her. We’re trying to give her the best balance we can between stimulation/socialization and quiet time for sleeping — a baby needs sleep, no matter how inquisitive and precocious she is!

I haven’t forgotten the pictures from last night, and we have a few more tonight I haven’t looked through yet. Resizing and sorting them actually takes more time than uploading and posting a single video.

Anyway, nothing show-stopping to annouce, just Eva eating and taking a look around. But, as always, adorably cute!

Still getting bigger and more curious

Eva is now 9 oz, and fluffier than ever! She’s still teething, and that’s making her unhappy, but if we cuddle her she purrs and cuddles back. She’s getting stronger and more coordinated — she bunny-kicked me with both back feet together this morning while I was helping her pee. :) That’s an improvement over the random flailing and squirming of even a couple of days ago. (No, she isn’t a big fan of the passing-waste process, no matter how gentle.)

Just as a site note: we’re having some issues with the blog. I prefer b2evolution, but I tried WordPress briefly because many of my friends are familiar with it. Due to a crash, I gave up and switched to b2evo. However, for some reason, WP keeps reappearing, and it’s questionable why it’s occurring. I can bring the blog back up quickly and easily when it goes down, but don’t always notice immediately. If you try to reach this blog and end up with an odd screen you didn’t expect, please email me at steph (at) prysmcat (dot) org.

This video is from last night. There are some pics as well, which I’ll upload as soon as I get a chance to resize them and sort through them. Life gets in the way sometimes!

Eva’s Playpen and Exploration

Well, Eva’s now 8 oz! She has more than doubled her weight in the past twelve days, along with the eyes and ears opening and the increasing strength.

She’s still teething, and uninterested in anything we try to help her with. She only likes chewing on us (a potentially bad habit to get into) and on the nipple while she’s eating — and ONLY while there’s milk coming out. Her abdomen feels a little bloated, but she’s peeing, pooping, and burping with no problems, and shows no distress when I (very gently!) palpate, so I’m suspecting it’s a reaction to the teething, since I gather a list of gastric upsets can happen. We’ll be watching her very closely.

It’s hard to say how much of her desire for food right now is actual hunger, and how much is that the nipple feels good against her gums. She held on for quite a long time after the milk ran out, last night, purring madly the whole time.

I don’t know how well her eyes work yet, since her pupils don’t seem to react well, but she appears to recognize the other cats and be interested in them, and I suppose to her, Sean and I are huge moving mountains that give her food and comfort and make her eliminate. Whatever she’s able to perceive with her very young and not-entirely-developed senses, as far as we can tell she’s aware of the difference between her “bedroom” and her “playpen” and open spaces like the bed and the couch.

She spends her days now, at least when Sean or I is present to supervise, in her “playpen” in the living room. She seems to really enjoy it, whether anyone is interacting with her or not. She’s in a high-traffic area, with humans and cats passing by frequently, the older cats hopping up to nap on the couch, Sean typing on his computer only a few feet away, and even noises outside our apartment, in the hall or below our balcony. She has a dark warm quiet spot to curl up in when/if she wants to, yet she tends to arrange herself facing towards the outside, often very close to the edge of her “cave”.

As you’ll see in the videos, she’s getting stronger all the time, and she’s very curious. She has an alarming tendency to head right for the edges of couches and beds, which is why the playpen is necessary. It’s much harder to have her out and involved if we have to watch her every instant.

Angel has decided to be Eva’s protector, apparently. She slept yesterday against the outside of the playpen for a while. Today, Sean tells me she chased Trick off when he stepped into the playpen and tried to look into the “cave”. She’s lying very nearby again, as I write this. I don’t know if they’re going to make friends, but at least there’s no hostility now, and even if Eva isn’t getting intimate contact with them, anything is better than nothing!

I took a couple of pictures of her curled up in her “cave” by drawing the roof back briefly while she was sleeping; I also took a couple of videos. The first one has a special guest star who surprised me quite a lot!

A tour of her playpen:

a very short feeding video:

Breaking News

Eva is teething!

Sean and I have both felt what can only be emerging incisors — her front teeth.

She’s chewing on fingertips, her own paws, and anything else available today. she’s really biting down on the nipple, too.

Eva’s Playpen and Nap With Sean

Added later: Eva weighed in at 7.3 oz tonight.

Sean spent the afternoon cuddling Eva while I got myself organized for the pile of tests I have coming up in April (for anyone who doesn’t know, I’m in my 30s and have gone back to college to take a Vet Assistant program so I can work in animal rescue).

I got a couple of adorable pics at two different times. One set I had to lighten a little so the quality isn’t quite as good, sorry (my, I apologize a lot…).

We made Eva a playpen of sorts, out of a shallow clear plastic storage bin, with the lid removed obviously, lined with a soft folded blanket, and arranged to give her an open area with a couple of toys she’s too young to care about yet, and a cozy cave. Trick and Angel both inspected it during the contruction process. :roll: Silly kitties. The idea is to give her a safe place for a bit more exercise and investigation, and a bit more involvement in regular life, since she’s gone so far past wanting only lots of food and a warm place to sleep.

The more active she gets, the less I find still pics are doing her justice, unless she’s asleep, so there will probably be fewer pics and more videos from here on. So much of her development and personality come across in the video that gets lost in the photos!

Currently, I’m on the couch, Sean’s at his computer across the room, and Eva’s snoozing in her playpen next to me. Not in her cave, but nestled into a small soft hand-towel I bunched up in the “outer” area for her to play with since she likes burrowing.

We’ll weigh her a little later, when she wakes up next.



Suppertime with Trick

Eva’s up to 7.1 oz!!!

And she’s getting stronger and more curious with every day that passes.

We’re trying to get her out of her “house” as often as we can, and the more we do, the happier she is. Instead of the first time or two, when she just could not settle down for more than a few minutes, she’s fallen asleep curled up against me (inside my shirt, at one point, having wriggled in there herself) a few times. She cries less when she’s been out for a while, too. So we’ll try to continue with that, to whatever extent is possible through the week — Sean has a twice-weekly class in coping with chronic pain starting this week at the YMCA down the street, and we certainly can’t have her out if we’re out or asleep, that wouldn’t be safe at this point. But we’ll try.

We’re getting better with the camera! We’re not using the flash, that’s just too hard on tiny eyes, so we’re having to experiment with lighting a bit.

Here’s a video from around suppertime, and a few pics Sean took a little later. Eva fell asleep, well, not exactly in my armpit, but in the angle of my upper chest and upper arm while I was lying on my side.




Eva the Musical Inspiration

From lolcatburglar on ICanHasCheezburger (I love this!! thanks, LCB!!!!)

(If you aren’t used to lolspeek:
1) sound it alphabetically;
2) a ‘splort’ is when your brain explodes from excessive cuteness
3) CHRG is to keep your brain contained in case of splorts (I suggest you see the lolspeek dictionary

March 28th, 2009 at 6:43 am

Teh Hed-Splortaion
(wif aplolgies to Carlole King and (Big) Little Eva)

Everybuddy’s doin’ a brand-new dans, now
(Come on Cheezfrenz, do the Hed-Splortation)
I knoes u’ll get to like it if u gibs it a chance now
(Come on Cheezfrenz, do teh Hed-Splortation)
That little baby Eva is so full of skweee
Don’t forget to b wearing C-H-R-Gs
So come on, come on, do teh Hed-Splortation wif me.
U gotta hold ur branes in. Come on, Cheezfrenz.
One look! Heds splort! Well, now, I think u’ve got it Sport.

Now that u can do it, let’s splort our branes, now.
(Come on Cheezfrenz, do teh Hed-Splortation)
A grey-matter asplosion wifout any pain, now.
(Come on Cheezfrenz, do teh Hed-Splortation)
Do it nice and easy, now, just lose control:
A little bit of dizzy and a lot of LOLS.
So come on, come on, do teh Hed-Splortation wif me.

Clean up aisle four after Hed-Splortation
(Come on Cheezfrenz, do teh Hed-Splortation)
Pick up all teh branes and then re-hydration.
(Come on Cheezfrenz, do the Hed-Splortation)
There’s never been a dans that’s so easy to do.
U just has to watch Eva on teh Tube of You.
So come on, come on, do teh Hed-Sploration wif me.