Eva the LOLcat

mugglemary on ICHC made a lol of Eva. Sean and I love it!

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New Camera, and More Exploring

Sorry about the break in the routine. We’re hoping to get back to regular daily updates now!

I am, by the way, typing this in the living room with Eva sleeping tucked under my chin, occasionally waking a little to knead at my skin (“making biscuits”) and/or yell for another mouthful of kitten milk, then falling back asleep. We did this last night for a while, too, and she was so excited to be exploring that she wouldn’t settle down for more than a 5-minute nap until we put her back in her kitty-carrier in the bedroom — after two hours! She’s very bright and inquisitive, and endlessly curious about her own toes and tail just like she is about the world around her! She loves to climb, and loves under chins and on shoulders best as places to stop and check things out and get cuddles.

She’s now up to 6.5 oz. Slightly over a week ago, Thursday night, she was 3.7 oz, so she’s grown quite a lot! She’s getting stronger all the time; her head is still a bit heavy for her, but she’s doing her best to hold it up.

We’re going to do our best to get her socialized successfully, a tricky thing with a singleton orphan. That’s why the extra cuddling, now that she’s gotten past just eating and sleeping. We’re trying to get the older cats accustomed to her, in hopes they can help out.

Speaking of which: Loki’s doing fine. The small volume of subcutaneous fluids I gave him Tuesday morning perked him up noticeably; we picked up some Fancy Feast, which is a lower quality than I prefer but he likes it, and we gave him 1/3 of a can mixed with a little water multiple times a day. At this point, he’s eating half a can, no water, at a time, and keeping everything down. I’m making time for extra quality time alone with him, and that seems to be helping as well, and the small dose of Pepcid AC (2.5 mg) he’s now getting every second morning is helping with excessive stomach acid. So the crisis is over, and we can all relax.

We do have a new camera now! It’s a much nicer one than our old one! The person who sold it to us, a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, dropped the price because we’re using it for Eva and told Sean to give the difference to the Humane Society. The only drawback is the learning curve. :)) We didn’t do very well in terms of photographs, but we got a 12-minute video — which YouTube won’t allow us to upload, so we’ll have to put it here without them. We’ll try to work on breaking it into two parts and putting it on YouTube, for anyone who has problems seeing it directly. To anyone who has problems watching this: I’m sorry.

Here’s the one picture that came out right (wow, I love the quality of this camera — can’t wait until we learn to use it properly ;D ):

Here’s Sean’s intended write-up on the video:

First, Thanks Dave (99GSRCiv) and his wife here on a local board(http://www.kingstoncomputerplanet.com/forum). It will take a while to get used to the camera (it is definately an upgrade), but as you see by the video – the quality kicks a$$ (and of course, being a Kodak – it goes through batteries, well like our old one – thanks for rechargables) note: the pics will get better once I get through this learning curve, please bear with us.

We let her loose again, this time on the couch / futon after lots of snuggling, snorglling, feeding and her using Steph as a Mountain, fearlessly climbing her – practicing her skills like a pro.

I hope you enjoy watching her as much as we enjoy spending time with her, and sharing with you. This socialization is a huge part of her on her road from becoming a fosterling without a mom to a normalized kitten / cat, ready for adoption.

Stephanie (Prysmcat.org) is a Veterinary Assistant student at St. Lawrence College (sl.on.ca/). The resources of teachers who are open to help and supportive fellow students who enjoy watching Eva’s growth, makes this a learning experience for a few people. We are doing more than saving a life.

Read more about her at Eva’s [almost] Daily Blog: www.prysmcat.org/foster/ includes pics, videos and updates.

*Eva will be available to be adopted through www.kingstonhumanesociety.ca/

*Thanks to our great friends at icanhascheezburger.com

*Check out her other videos! Please don’t forget to leave comment, vote and even subscribe … let us know what you think (& that you are at least out there *grin)

SeanNetherWorld / Seanya

The video is in the process of being converted to a more manageable (and more compressed) format (130 mb is a bit large to watch online) and will be added right here ASAP — again, sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment! We’ll get all these technical bugs worked out quickly, I hope!

We’re back up!

Hi everyone! I apologize for the blog being down for a while, there was a glitch on the host’s end that has them baffled. They did, however, jump right in to start work on fixing it, and they’re trying to track down what happened so we can keep it from happening again.

Unfortunately, our camera died at roughly the same time. We’ll have a new (well, used, but new to us) camera tomorrow, a better one in fact, but we can’t do pictures or video of Eva for you tonight.

We do have last night’s, though! Here are the pics, and I’ll add the videos just as soon as Sean finishes putting them on YouTube (while also doing a couple of other things as well).

PS, Eva was 6.1 oz last night, and 6,2 oz tonight, although still eating voraciously. However, she’s no longer just eating and sleeping, she’s beginning to explore her world and her own body, and that takes energy! Elimination is even becoming more regular, and she’s not only tracking the nipple, and grabbing it herself occasionally, but she’s taking more breaks in the midst of feeding sessions to cuddle and explore. Trick and Angel are intrigued by her, and Trick gives her very long, deep, thorough sniffs when given the chance.

Eva’s Second-ever Tuesday night – Video

Video from last night:

Things are looking a bit less disheartening today. I gave Loki subcutaneous fluids, which the vet suggested I do but I’ve been putting off for fear of stressing him… only to have him accept it calmly for a few minutes. He didn’t get as much as I’d like, but every bit will help reduce the strain on his kidneys and should make him feel better. A little food at a time, and I think he’ll be all right.

Divided responsibilities are tough.

Quick update

I’m a bit behind, Loki’s had more of my attention tonight, while I’ve been trying to keep him from suffering because of Eva’s presence. Sorry, I never even got back here last night to post the video, I’ll add it below.

Eva is now 5.8 oz, continuing her trend of 0.3 to 0.4 oz gain every day. She’s still voraciously hungry at the beginning of each feeding, but is also enjoying the social contact more visibly now. Her eyes are still in the process of opening, and the muscles around them are visibly twitching and moving, trying to get them open completely; kittens with their eyes halfway opened always look funny to me, but it’s also amazing to think of her just getting the first awareness of a whole new sense.

As for Loki, we’re working on him… but if we can’t get him calmed down and eating again fairly quickly, we may have to see if there’s another foster home available for Eva. :-/ I don’t want to, but my first responsibility has to be to Loki, and with borderline renal problems plus asthma and anxiety issues, it could be really bad for him if I can’t fix things. Sean is tired already, just like me, and for him to be catsitting Loki through the day as well as Eva is just too much to ask, too, from someone already in chronic severe pain.

Anyway, we’ll hope for the best. Loki kept his last meal down, so that’s promising!

Last night’s video:

I might get tonight’s video up later, but no promises.

Tonight’s pics of Sean feeding Eva:

She really likes being as close as possible, preferably on bare skin


Eva’s eyes are definitely beginning to open!

Also, she’s up to 5.4 oz.

I stopped today to talk to the veterinarian who’s program coordinator for the Vet Assistants at my college, to see if there was anything else that we could do to help Eva with her social development. It’s hard for singleton orphans to get socialized properly. She thinks that short of trying to find a litter near her age for her to join, we’re doing just fine for her. Also, since she shows every sign of being healthy, odds are pretty good she doesn’t have anything nasty from her mom, and we should be able to safely begin real introductions to our adults in a week or so — a week earlier than the foster coordinator suggested. We’re going to go very slowly and carefully with that.

Anyway, while we were talking, the vet seemed a bit surprised at Eva’s development, and asked if we’re sure of her age and that she isn’t a little older. That’s our precocious baby girl! She’s strong and active and alert and responsive, everything we could ask for — and also fluffy, full of attitude, voracious, and too adorable for words, but that kind of thing isn’t quite as professional to say. ;D

I’m recalculating how much KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) she needs on a daily basis, and her weight has finally caught up with her demanded volume of KMR! (psst, if any of my teachers see this:
5.4 oz x 30 cc/4 oz = 40.5 cc per day/8 feedings = 5.1 cc per feeding) She devours the first half as quickly as she can swallow, then gradually slows down, and towards the end, she seems to get drowsy and relaxed; she keeps hold of the nipple, but doesn’t seem to care much whether any milk is flowing, as long as she’s being held at heart level.

Personally, I think I’m driving just about everyone I know crazy with “new mom syndrome”, insisting on telling them about Eva… but I’m not sure I care. LOL

The one worrying thing isn’t about Eva, it’s my oldest cat Loki, so you can skip this paragraph if you’re only interested in Eva herself. Loki’s jealous, I believe, of the time spent on Eva, and I suspect he’s also stressed by the disruption of his sacred schedule. He’s 13 years old, has always been very much my baby and very attached to me, but normally he’s pretty friendly to other cats. Almost two years ago, he was diagnosed with asthma and borderline kidney issues, and while we have both pretty well controlled with inhaled meds and a grain-free, by-product-free, very high end (and very expensive!) diet, it could get very bad if he stops eating altogether. The last two or three days, he’s been less interested in food, dry or wet, although I’ve gotten him to eat a bit a couple of times by surprising him with something novel. I gave all three adults a liberal amount of catnip a little while ago, in hopes that relaxing will help his appetite (not that he relaxes at first… he has to be hyper for a while). So we’ll see.

Due to technical errors, ie, a camera glitch, we have less video for you tonight, but then, how much video of a little orange fluffball being syringe-fed can you watch, anyway? ;)

Video link will be posted a little later tonight, sorry, but here are the pics!

Breaking News

Breaking News!
As of Eva’s feeding that began 45 minutes ago, her eyes are definitely beginning to open! From the inner corner, of course. There is a very small, but clearly visible, darker area right in the corner, which is larger and clearer than it was at her previous feeding. It can’t be anywhere near her pupils yet, but she is showing increased awareness of light — largely by turning away from it! Poor baby needs to get used to this new sense.

Over the next few days, we all get to watch Eva discover a brand new awareness of the world, something beyond the scent, touch, and heat that have made up her universe so far!

Busy day for Eva!

And to think, when I started this, I was worried there’d be days I’d have nothing to say except, “still eating, still peeing, still sleeping.”

Today, Eva was one week old!

She weighed in at 5.1 ounces, so she’s still growing like crazy.

Her umbilical cord fell off, leaving just a tiny nub where there used to be a centimetre of dried cord.

There are traces of tears (I think?) at the inner corners of her eyes, and given the timing, I’m thinking that means her eyes are going to be opening very soon, right on schedule!

We’ve stopped using the 5 cc syringes and gone back to the 3 cc (by the way, Terumo is no good for syringe feeding… B-D is much smoother and works far better). With 5 cc, she was just guzzling it down too fast and it was all but impossible to even slow her down without taking it away from her entirely. The switch from first to second 3 cc syringes in the middle seems to give her a chance to burp in the midst of her complaints. So, we’re going to stick with that for the time being.

Oh, and she had a bowel movement this evening, quite a large one. I’d be happier if she’d have smaller ones more often, but they just don’t seem to happen.

There’s a saying that it takes a village to raise a child… we have at least a village worth of people backing Eva. From the Humane Society, to my teachers and classmates in the Vet Assistant program at St. Lawrence College, to the folks at the local Global Ryan’s Pet Foods, to the folks at Medical Arts who helped Sean with syringes and gauze… to the unwavering love and encouragement of the regulars at ICHC even when Sean and I are sleep-deprived and/or distracted and definitely preoccupied. And, absolutely to Loki, Angel, and Trick who are tolerating bizarre hours and a disrupted schedule due to this small noisy alien.

Videos (two of them) and pictures below! Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2: