Cole, Being Cute

Being cute comes naturally. Whoever adopts Cole had better like having a cat who sleeps on the bed – because Cole does! And he wakes up cuddly. Hungry, too, but then, he’s just a little guy and he’s growing!

That stuffed mouse has become his favourite toy, he absolutely loves it. That’s the first video below.

And he proved to me all over again this afternoon that he is far too trusting and too comfortable with being touched and handled to have been born to a feral mom. That’s the second video. Throat, ears, even his belly, he just purrs – now that he’s accepted me as safe, and he did that amazingly quickly.

There are two pics of him asleep below the videos. :-)

Welcome Cole!

After being out of fostering for a while, due to the whole depression-anxiety thing, I contacted two groups last night to let them know that I’m once again available for fostering kittens – our horde have made it clear that they wouldn’t tolerate adults, but kittens should be okay. One group is Kingston Animal Rescue, who apparently remember me and put me back on the available-foster-homes list. The other is Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative, which mostly works with ferals but is trying to catch, socialize, and adopt out young kittens from feral colonies more than previously.

SNKI has a sweet black male kitten, five months old but the size of a three-month-old. He came from a feral colony, but he was certainly not born there – this little guy spent the early part of his life in a house somewhere. How he got from there to a feral colony at such a young age is anyone’s guess, but I hope the people responsible get exactly what’s coming to them for it.

I was warned that he was adorable and cuddly. He’s been in two foster homes already because resident cats took a dislike to him; I’m hoping our menagerie will be willing to accept him. He has a urinary tract infection and he’s on antibiotics for that, he’s done in mid January; SNKI is planning to get him vaccinated and fixed as soon as possible after that.

This was the pic I was given:

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Reflections on Writing

As usual for Reflections posts, can’t sleep, mind running through something too intensely to let me doze back off.

I ran into an old friend today (Yay!) and she asked me how the writing’s going. That’s actually a really good question. For all the thousands upon thousands of hours of my life I’ve spent writing, for all the binders and piles and milk-crates of pages of longhand writing cluttering my physical environment and the equivalent on my computer, for being so oriented towards writing that I even dream in multiple levels with one of them observing and analysing the other like a story, for always having a story singing to me in the back of my mind… what do I actually have to show for it?

1) BlackWolf

2) Lamia

Both pretty cool urban fantasy novels I’m pretty happy with, even if they live on my website and most of the world has no idea they exist. In both cases, I can see the rough outline of a sequel, Lamia‘s much more clearly, BlackWolf‘s just vague hints. Both were started in my early twenties, which is reflected in the age of the characters and in the kind of Ugly Duckling/find one’s place in the universe thing going on in both. These days, I find it more and more difficult to get in the mindset of someone that young in the world as it currently is, so any sequels are going to involve a jump of a decade or so since the first one. Continue reading

Kitteh Present

Thanks to the gift of an awsum Cheezpeep, who informed us that we were to spend it on something fun, our purrkids got something special to help with their increasing cabin fever. :) It’s 66 inches high, so taller than either of the older ones; it’s sturdier than the one that we had to assemble ourselves, too.

Trick was on it before I even finished getting it into place; Cory took to it no problem at all. Freya’s a little unsure about it, and Angel really never was much of a climber or jumper, even less so these days.

As I type this, Cory’s asleep in the top level, and Trick is sulking. I think because Trick got it first, he thought it was going to be all his. Silly kittehs, no concept of sharing!!!

There’ll be some video along as soon as I crop it down to a reasonable length. But here’s a couple of pics…

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Three Kitty Videos

Wow… I’ve spent so much of this year fighting with depression meds, and the good part so busy with Cheezland, that I’m waaaaaay behind on kitty pics and videos!!!

I’ll be working on them over the next little while.

Cory is three and a half years old… but Angel is still his (adopted) momcat, obviously! He was completely blissed-out by the time I got this video. :-)

Angel grooming Cory by prysmcat

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Angel’s Blood Curve Day, conclusion

We did manage to get a fourth reading on Angel last night: just before her shot: 8.1

Just spoke to the vet. She’s absolutely thrilled with the numbers (different vet, very very nice) and says Angel is definitely going into remission! The caution is that going too fast could cause it to recur, and second time around, the chances of getting it into remission aren’t so great. So. She said if we can, do half a unit twice a day – that’s going to be tricky to measure! – and if not, do one unit once a day. In three weeks, do another curve and we’ll see from there. She repeated that Angel’s going to need to be on canned food for the rest of her life, which is just fine by me, ’cause she’s gonna HAVE a life!!!!

Angel’s Blood Curve Day

We’re certainly getting the hang of doing the tests.
1) Rub ear vigorously to get blood moving lots (and get Angel relaxed and happy)
2) Polysporin wif pain releef on underside of ear
3) Vaseline on upper surface of ear
4) Small strong LED flashlight to pinpoint vessels in ear
5) Prick, get blood drop
6) Apply pressure to spot, follow by polysporin on the upper surface (Angel has, btw, figured out that as of this step she can stop being grouchy because there won’t be any more pricks and there will be….)
7) Give Angel waiting dish of fishie gushifuds with a couple of treats garnishing it, tell her repeatedly how awsum she is for tolerating this Continue reading

Awesome Angel news!

To jump to the end bit first: Angel’s now on half the dose of insulin she started on three weeks ago!!! (also, is a video in this one!)

So, my poor vet had a crazy-busy Monday, left early on Tuesday because she was sick, and called me today on her way out the door to go home again still sick. :(

We skipped Angel’s injection last night because we weren’t sure what was going on and figured that was safer.

Weird little bit: I had trouble sleeping last night, anxiety was high, in part over Angel, and she was in my dreams a lot. Dreams started off sort of frantic and stressed and scared, but I kept waking up, petting the Angel-grrl right next to my head, and dozing off, and by morning, the tone of the dreams was actually calm and confident and practical. And when we did a BSL thi morning before her shot, it went so smoothly and quickly it was just amazing. Subconscious coming to grips with things? Dunno, but the whole test only took a couple of minutes this morning: polysporin-with-pain-relief on the underside to help numb, rubrub the ear (I checked with a small LED flashlight before and after – WOW does a vigorous rubbing ever make a difference in visible and available blood vessels!!!), vaseline on top, one prick, perfect sample, reading in seconds, pressure on puncture, polysporin on top where the puncture was, tuna Temptations, all done. Result, after 24 hours since last injection and that was a half dose: 8.6 Continue reading

Overdue Angel update

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to write this… actually, yes I can, I’ve been feeling horrible thanks to an experiment with a new (to me) antidepressant and it’s been all side effects, no help.

So. We did Angel’s second BSL (blood sugar level) reading on the 25th. Normal is 8, pre-treatment was above 24, 4th day of treatment  it was 15.4, one week later it was 11.1. Her appetite is great, her energy levels are back to normal (never all that high).

We were due to get a curve, which is four readings, four hours apart, on the 28th. Due to various circumstances, not feasible, so we planned to do it for the 30th.

That day was a total failure. We got one good reading half an hour after her morning injection: 6.7. But the second time, we just could not seem to get a reading, despite three pricks on her poor ears and two tests strips in case one was faulty. Already feeling terrible from my meds, I basically crumbled and just couldn’t do anything more for the day.

We regrouped, gave her ears a couple of days to heal (and gave me a couple of days off meds – for the first time, I stopped a prescribed medication myself without waiting to talk to my doctor about it, the side effects had gotten so intolerable) and rescheduled it for the 3rd.

First result, about an hour after her shot: 5.3

Second result, 4 hours later: 6.2

Third result, a further 4 hours later: 4.4 Continue reading

Angel Ups and Downs

Yesterday (Sunday) we checked Angel’s blood sugar for the first time. (She has her own, kitty calico-brayted glucometer – it’s purple. ;) )

Normal for a cat is 8. Angel’s, on her blood work a week and a half ago and our lesson visit Wednesday, was between 24 and 25. Sunday, after three and a half days of insulin and all the Fancy Feast pate she can eat, was at 15.5. Yay! It’s working!

We had visible evidence of this, too. While trying out the new mattress Saturday, she started doing playful little head-dives and, for a minute or two, played! Earlier on Saturday, she was feeling so much better she all but shouldered me out of the way so she could go on the balcony, which she’s had little interest in for a while now. :-)

We weren’t as smooth with getting the blood sample from the vessels in her ear as we could have been, I had to prick her multiple times with the lancet, and every time she flinched, I felt terrible. Luckily, lots of cuddles and a few treats and she forgave and forgot the whole thing. I’m not looking forward to the day the vet wants 4 results at 4-hour intervals to see the curve!!!

This evening (Monday) Angel has vomited a couple of times, small amounts of acid, and she’s eating less, although not nothing at all. We thought about this, re-read the instructions from the vet, and decided that for tonight, we’d skip her injection. The vet says blood sugar slightly too high is better than slightly too low, and while she’s not stabilized at a normal level yet, we’re both a bit nervous about giving her an insulin shot when she’s eaten less than usual. We’ll resume normal schedule tomorrow morning, and hope that we made the right decision.