Toy Pictures 2

Joel’s Zeus with her toys:
And Apollo:

Garfield, while on a two-day journey over a thousand miles from his old home, where his mom sadly died, to his new home, got a mouse toy from SuburbanPrairie, one of the wonderful people who volunteer as part of the absolutely amazing Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network. (Cat lovers, do check this out – if you can’t drive, cheer, or offer to be a bed-and-breakfast for a cat who’s on a long trip.)
Garfield on his way home

Nicewitch’s Bob:
And Panda:

lovescatsva’s Caspian:

kittynovich’s Budd and Ginger:
Budd and Ginger

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  1. SuburbanPrairie

    I think there were 10 different “Conductors” for Garfield’s “Love Train” to his new home, and several of us gave him gifts to take with him. My gift – Prysma’s mouse toy – was special, because it was hand-made with love. It was my great pleasure to give it to him. Thank you so much, Prysma! ?

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