Toy Pictures 3

onions and petunia’s Divine Sarah Bernhardt

robin’s Elise, better known as LiLi
LiLi says:
OOOOOH Prysma!
Fanks u fur mai beyootimus toys!
I LUBS dem!

Yur fren,

(from Mom: As a kitten LiLi was not much interested in catnip, but well, see pics…I could not get a good one, she was rubbing it all over her head, and drooling… …Thanks so much!)

Lungdoc’s recently arrived Sheena and Scooter
“They were thrilled adn happy wif teh new playthings. (Pictures attached… after playing chase-and-tug, the kittehs found some of the new toys interesting to have twined around their brushy-hoops that sit on the floor, too…)”
Mrs Lungdoc arranges a toy:



And, sent in to Cheezland but added here as relevant: two from Maryh Cookie’s household, Sheila-Na-Gig and David-Who-Is-More-Than-A-Cat

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