Toy Pictures

Damommza’s feline grandson, year-old Chairman Meow, with a mouse:
Chairman Meow

lolcatburglar’s Zoe with her favourite mouse (see Videos for Liam with a string toy):

lindykat’s Layla, one of the original playtesters, who has newer ones but still plays with one of the prototypes:

nennepus’ Buster: “Look Auntie Steph – ai iz habbing lotsa ufn wiff teh toys!! Tehy rock!!!

ladykitteh’s Cosmo showing her toy who’s boss! Rawr rawr rawr!!

ladykitteh’s Tux: “Mom, I’m stuck…”

OnleeKitteh’s Kidd, who rarely plays with toys of any kind:
Kidd with his toy
Kidd with his toy

uniquekitty’s Tira and Unique (sisters of my ex-foster-kitten Eva-the-Diva)
“even Unique and Eva have been playing with them, and that is quite unusual!!”

More pics to come, and make sure you use the dropdown menu to see the videos page and the other pages of pictures!

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