Tutorial Step 2 – Making Them!

Pictures and text seemed rather inadequate for this stage, so we did a video. It turned out to be longer than I anticipated, but it does cover how to make toys of both sorts in detail, which I hope is going to be comprehensible to anyone who wants to try this! You’ll need to look at the previous tutorial step before you try this, so you know what you need to have on hand.

I’d prefer, if you’re going to share this, that you share this page (or the previous step) rather than the YouTube video pages directly. It’ll make more sense, and anyone who doesn’t know what my toys are all about can also see the pages of pics and videos of happy customers. :-) (Hover over “Prysma’s Cat Toys” on the menu bar above.)

Part One: The Basics

Part Two: Mouse

Part Three: String Toy

Tell me how it works for you! And feel free to send me pics of happy kitties!


  1. Prysma speaks! And Jackie too! What an exciting day, we got to see Lungdoc (who looks exactly like I had pictured him) and I feel like I visited you both at your apartment!

    Now about the toys: You are a genius girl! I was facinated with the procedure and simplicity and beauty of the finished pieces. Great toys, I can see why the kittehs love them.

    I have to tell you about a cat toy I made for my and my sister’s cats back when my hands could do this stuff. We called it the “Big Red Bean” because it was shaped like a kidney bean and red beans and rice are soooo important to us. I made them out of old denim jeans for durability. I cut out the bean shape and used some of the outside double stitched seam for the string and “wiskers” that I sewed around the bean. I stuffed them like you did with your mousies with stuffing and nips. I used the other double stitched side seam as a long string. My sister tied the BRB to the top of a chair so it was a little off of the floor and her kittehs had a great time swinging on it and fighting over it.

    I had originally made the BRB for my puppies to play with but they soon grew large enough to rip it to pieces so cat toy it became. And just how are you able to work with nip in a house with cats? I had to make sure my Jeffery boy was outside before I could make nip toys. He would somehow know what I was doing and come and stare at me through the glass doors!

    Sorry this is so long but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your tutorial.

    Love you guys,
    Penny Tassin

  2. *lol yes we DO have voices ;)
    and Steph’s “work area” is much more tidy then our apartment … trust me *lol

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